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Safe Holiday Tips

Protect yourself from the dangers and temptations of holidays, parties and family gatherings.
  1. Holiday Health Tips

How Do You Avoid Drinking During the Holidays
The holiday season can present all kinds of temptations and triggers for those who are trying to stay clean and sober.

Enjoying the Holidays in Sobriety
The holidays can be a dangerous time for those who are new to trying to stay sober, but for those who have some time in recovery, the season can be once again filled with fun and joy, rather that fear and stress.

Holiday Tips - Avoid Uncomfortable Places
I had a choice of staying or leaving places and I had a safe, clean and sober place that I could go to.

Holiday Tips - Give of Yourself
All of us have something to give in and out of the fellowship even if all we can afford is a smile.

Holiday Tips - Make a Gratitude List
The holidays are hard to get through, but sometimes what I need to focus on is just staying sober and remembering that as long as I do not pick up today, there is hope.

Holiday Tips - Adjust Expectations
I realized that once I got the alcohol out of my system that the blues and depression also went away so that I didn't have unrealistic expectations of the holidays.

Holiday Tips - Keep Busy
I do 12-step calls during the holiday to help others, but more honestly (and selfishly) to keep the memory of what the first drink will do to me.

Holiday Tips - Don't Watch the Commercials
Holidays can be very hard for all of us -- just don't watch the commercials!

Holiday Tips - Write Love Letters
I tell each person the traits that I value most in them, things they have done that meant a lot to me, ways I value them as a friend.

Will One Drink or Drug Use Make a Difference?
In a word, yes, says About.com Addictions Guide Elizabeth Hartney. But whether a small relapse is helpful or not to your quitting depends on how you handle it.

Holiday Tips - Stay in Touch With Newcomers
Get some phone numbers of newcomers and stay in touch with them. Getting to know new people in the program can be refreshing.

Holiday Tips - Accept God's Grace
As I became more engrossed in trying to live the AA way of life, I started to enjoy life and got out of myself.

Holiday Tips - Be Active With Family
On the night of the party I would have attended in the past, I made plans to be active with my family.

Holiday Tips - Find a Meeting
Going into an AA meeting where I know no one's name, but yet I know everyone, makes the holidays more bearable.

Holiday Tips - Get Into the Solution
Someone suggested that anyone having a bad holiday should "get out of the problem and into the solution."

Holiday Tips - Don't Go Alone
Never go anywhere alone if there is going to be alcohol. I take an AA buddy with me.

Holiday Tips - Avoid Old Situations
At all costs stay away from old people, places, and things you were familiar and comfortable with while drinking.

Holiday Tips - Twelve Tips
Enjoy the true beauty of holiday love and joy. Maybe you cannot give material gifts -- but this year, you can give love.

Holiday Tips - Live in Today
The only way the future can hurt us is if we rent it space in our today.

Holiday Tips - Graditude Dinner
I am having a gratitude dinner at my house for people who don't want to, can't, or do not have any family.

Holiday Tips - Stay Spiritually Fit
My salvation was an Alano Club that was 15 minutes from where I lived at the time.

Holiday Tips - Make Backup Plans
I could only stay with family for one or two hours and then leave. I made other plans to back me up.

Holiday Tips - Plan Ahead
I deal with the holidays by planning ahead. I stay inside and communicate with the elders and the kids and I do not let anything keep me from doing this.

Holiday Tips - Take Your Own Car
Stay clear of HALT - don't get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

Holiday Tips - Do Volunteer Work
I find that it takes a lot of will power on my own and to do the foot work that is necessary to stay clean and sober one day at a time, but most of all I have to continue to work the steps and be around recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Holiday Tips - Use the Phone
Sometimes a peaceful feeling comes just knowing those numbers are in my pocket.

Holiday Tips - Think How Great It Is
Thank your Higher Power for your sobriety today and don't drink. Think how great it is to be sober today.

Holiday Tips - Remember How It Was
One thing I try to do during the holidays and at any other time I feel the stress is remember how it was.

Holiday Tips - A Change of Heart
It's not what's in the glass that's important, it's what's in your heart.

Holiday Tips - Go Late, Leave Early
Go late and leave early. I have found that no one notices - or cares - how long you are there.

Holiday Tips - Remembering the Past
For me, taking a drink is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. It would be one hell of a buzz but that buzz would cost me everything I had, forever.

Holiday Tips - Use the Fellowship
My first year I latched on to one of the members and didn't let go. They got me through that year and the next two.

Holiday Tips - Focus on Something Else
If you drank during the holidays, focus on something else - and keep busy or entertained.

Holiday Tips - Be There for Others
I learned that no one cares if I'm drinking or not and that what I carried in my glass was rarely noticed by anyone.

Holiday Tips - Keep in Close Touch
Keep in close touch with my sponsor; make sure that she knows me well enough to see if I am working a program.

Holiday Tips - Take Care of Yourself First
I learned that no one cares if I'm drinking or not and that what I carried in my glass was rarely noticed by anyone.

Holiday Tips - Hang Out With Winners
If I hang with the winners I won't pick up that first drink!

Holiday Tips - Make New Friends
My first holiday sober was very frightening. I did not have the slightest clue how I was going to stay sober through the festivities and forced contact with the family.

The Dangers of the Holiday Season
The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year's in the United States - the most dangerous season of the year, for those trying to maintain sobriety and anyone driving on the public highways.

Recovery During the Holidays
Some tips on maintaining sobriety during the holiday season from a certified alcoholism and drug dependency counselor.

Dealing With the Holidays When New to Recovery
The holiday season can be particularly dangerous time for people, who are in recovery, especially those in early recovery.

Celebrating the Holidays in Recovery
For many in recovery the holiday season is not depressing, it's a joyful and happy time, not a time of fear.

Planning a Safe Holiday Party
There are ways to organize fun, yet safe, festivities that will prevent family and friends from becoming the next alcohol- or drug-related statistic.

Holiday Tips - Holidays Tips From People in Recovery
Tips on dealing with the pressure of the holiday season from visitors to the About.com Alcoholism/Substance Abuse site.

Holiday Tips From People in Recovery - Part 2
The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and News Year's Day, can be tricky times for alcoholics trying to stay sober, and for their families.

Kids & The Holidays
For children growing up with alcoholic or drug dependent parents, holidays are not the exciting time that fairy tales and television make them out to be.

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