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Find Support Group Meetings

Find recovery support group meetings online or off.
  1. A.A. Meetings (380)
  2. A.A. Online Meetings (5)
  3. Al-Anon Online (8)
  4. Al-Anon Meetings (57)
  5. ACOA Meetings (4)
  6. NA Meetings (54)
  7. Non 12-Step Support

What Can I Expect at a 12-Step Meeting?
Those who have never attended a 12-step meeting have some misconceptions about how the meetings actually work. A long-time member explains what you can expect at your first meeting.

5 Million Attend Self-Help Groups
A nationwide survey estimates that an average of 5 million people a year participate in self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous because of their use of alcohol or drugs.

Open and Closed Meetings
On published schedules of 12 step meetings, some are designated as "Open" meetings, while others are shown as "Closed" meetings. What does this mean?

Online Support - Opening the Doors
The phenomenal growth of the Internet and the development of its associated technologies have brought support and recovery to many for whom it was not readily accessible in the past.

Attend Meetings from Your Wireless Device
You can now participate in online 12-step support group meetings from your Smartphone or other mobile devices.

Ann-e iPhone App Provides Recovery 'Safety Net'
The Ann-e app for the iPhone is a peer-to-peer application which brings people in recovery together over a safe and secure communications tool for mutual support.

A.A. in Cyberspace - The Future
An excerpt from a talk given by Dennis M. at the A.A. International Convention in Minneapolis during a general session called "A.A. In Cyberspace -- The Future."

The Importance of Online Services
The 2001 survey of online recovery services users, conducted by Online Recovery Anonymous, Inc. and published the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, revealed some surprising trends in the use of the Internet for recovery.

How It Works Online
There are many different ways that members of recovery groups can gather together online for mutual support. Here's how they work.

Online Recovery
Here are some examples of what visitors to the Alcoholism site have to say about online recovery.

Your First A.A. Meeting
An "unofficial guide for the perplexed" from the Behavior Medical Associates web site.

Agape Link Collection
A vast collection of links to 12-step meetings around the world as well as other many other resources for those in recovery.

Maps to Meetings
CyberSober.com provides Twelve Step members with lists of meetings, and the maps to the meeting locations. Requires User ID and password login to access maps.

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