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Website: Join Together

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Updated February 14, 2014

The Bottom Line

For professionals working in the field of alcohol and drug treatment and prevention and advocates who want to develop more effective community policies, the Join Together website is a unique source of information, support and resources. Join Together provides current news, research and funding opportunities for treatment and prevention professionals.


  • Site is updated daily with news and information.
  • Information is well organized and easy to find.
  • Offers several methods for readers to get involved.
  • Offers examples of the successful efforts of others.


  • News coverage is not always objective.


  • Latest Headlines - Join Together's news is updated daily.
  • Up-Coming Events - Join Together's calendar of scheduled events.
  • UPDATE: The extensive Join Together website has not been incorporated into the The Partnership at DrugFree.org website. Join Together has now been reduced to a news blog.

Guide Review - Website: Join Together

Since 1991, Join Together has provided information, strategic planning assistance and leadership development for community-based efforts to advance effective alcohol and drug policy, prevention and treatment. The Boston University School of Public Health program works to help community develop strategies to reduce and prevent alcohol and drug problems.

According to the Join Together website, its mission is to help "community leaders understand and use the most current scientifically valid prevention and treatment approaches. Our surveys have shown that communities with written strategies that are broadly supported by key leaders and institutions are the most likely to be successful in reducing and preventing alcohol and drug problems."

But Join Together is not just for professionals working in the field, it also has resources and information helpful to community leaders, public officials, teachers, parents and families, from the latest scientific research, prevention efforts and funding opportunities.

The site not only offers the latest policy news related to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, it also provides in-depth coverage of key issues, including prevention education, state policies, alcohol taxes, alcohol marketing, equal coverage for treatment among others.

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