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Madeline J's Recovery Story

I Had Stopped Working My Program

By Madeline J.

Updated October 11, 2010

I want to Thank AA for saving my life. For years I lived in desperation; trying to understand my life. I drank everyday for about 25 years and I'm only 41.

My sobriety date is March 28, 2005. On that day I lay in the ER from a atempted overdose, that I didn't succeed at doing. I had tried it three times in the past two years. I had to find peace, serenity, happiness. That day was Easter Sunday. I knew I had to go back to AA.

Fifteen years ago I had AA in my life, but I stopped working my program. I stopped asking God for my daily repreive. I lost what I had found so long ago. Very early in my sobriety, I met this woman who showed me how to work the steps. I did do the steps. I look back now, and see I wasn't totaly honest with myself.

This time, I did my 4th step the way it was outlined to me. I finally understood what the 4th step was all about. I did my 4th step in my first 60 days of recovery. Then I did my 5th step with this wonderful woman who showed me how to get well as with my higher power, whom I choose to call God.

A Program of Living

Then I did my 6th and 7th step with God. I did make amends to the people who I have Harmed. There is still a few I have to find to finish my 9th steps amends. I do my 10th, 11th and 12th steps daily. This is a program of living. I have found peace, serenity and love through working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I thank Diane for showing me how to get well. I thank AA for having such a program that has helped me to recover what I have lost. Most of all I thank God for Showing me the way, I give Thanks Daily for my sobriety. Now it's time for me to give freely what was given to me so freely. Thank You!

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