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Prevention Tips for Parents

The best prevention efforts to keep young children away from alcohol and drugs begin in the home.

Tips for Reducing Underage Binge Drinking
The NYU Child Study Center suggests tips for parents to curb teen binge drinking by maximizing the influence they have over their children's decision-making process.

5 Tips for Parents to Keep Teens Away From Drugs
For parents trying to keep their children away from alcohol and drugs during their formative years, there is good news -- research shows that parents can have considerable influence on the decisions their teens make regarding substance abuse. Following are the best tips for parents from the latest scientific research into why teens do and do...

Tips for Parents About Middle School Drinkers
What can parents do to prevent early onset drinking?

Teen Drinking Influenced by Alcohol Advertising
Parents who want to keep their children away from alcohol as long as possible might want to pay attention to the advertising that is targeting underage drinkers.

Talking About Drinking Helps
A study conducted at Boise State University found that simple parent and teen conversations about the problems of alcohol abuse helped prevent binge-drinking in college freshmen.

Prevention Guidelines for Parents
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention launched "A Family Guide To Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy & Drug Free," a comprehensive Web site that provides pertinent prevention information and guidelines.

Protecting Children from Prescription Drug Abuse
A growing number of adolescents are getting high from using prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and most of them get those drugs from the family medicine cabinet.

Many Underage Drinkers Get Their Booze Free
More than 40% of the underage drinkers in the United States get their alcohol free from adults older than age 21 and a significant percentage of them get it from their own parents or guardians.

Early Spirituality Deters Alcohol Abuse
Teens who have an active spiritual life are half as likely to become alcoholics or drug addicts or even try illegal drugs, according to a new study.

'Shoulder Tapping' - Source of Underaged Booze
There are many ways that underaged drinkers get alcohol and a popular one is called "shoulder tapping," when young people approach adults outside stores and ask them to purchase alcohol for them.

Preventing Alcohol Abuse
Alcoholic ex-heroin addicts who are in methadone-maintenance treatment can be treated for their alcoholism without first withdrawing them from methadone.

Teens Prefer to Talk to Mom
When it comes to talks about serious subjects such as alcohol and drugs, U.S. teens apparently believe that mother knows best, a Penn State expert says.

The Importance of Family Dinners
The number of teens who have regular family dinners drops by 50 percent as their substance abuse risk increases sevenfold, according to a survey of 12 to 17 year olds released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Movies Can Influence Drinking at Early Age
Watching movies in which drinking alcohol is depicted in a positive light can play a significant role in an adolescent's decision to begin drinking at an early age, according to research at Dartmouth Medical School.

Parenting Practices May Protect Youth From Early Marijuana Use
Parenting practices such as early increased monitoring and supervision may have lasting effects by reducing and delaying marijuana use through young adulthood.

Early Intervention Boosts Positive Functioning
An elementary school intervention program that taught children impulse control and gave their teachers and parents better management skills has long-lasting effects extending into early adulthood, showing that the children are more productive and well-adjusted members of society at age 21, according to a new study.

Fathers Less Likely To Talk With Kids About Drugs
Survey data released by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America reports that fathers talk less often with their children about the issue of drugs than do mothers.

Early Intervention Pays Off
Researchers have calculated that brief family intervention programs designed to discourage teen drinking are both beneficial and very cost-effective.

NIDA Prevention Guide Re-Released
The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released its newly updated publication Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders, Second Edition.

Summer Is the High Time for New Teen Marijuana Use
According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health report, more teens first try marijuana in June and July than any other months of the year.

Time to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol
TimeToTalk.org provides helpful tips and tools to help parents and caregivers talk to kids about the health risks of drugs and alcohol.

The Courage to Speak
The Courage To Speak Foundation targets students, parents and communities with knowledge and tools to encourage children and parents to talk openly and honestly about the dangers of drugs and empower our children to live drug free lives.

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