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Drug Abuse Screening Quiz

Do You Need Drug Rehab?


Updated May 16, 2014

Do I need Rehab
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Answering these 20 questions will help you evaluate whether you should seek treatment for drug abuse. The test is completely confidential and anonymous; your results are not recorded; and are available only to you. You will not be asked for any personal identifying information.

This quiz was adapted from the Vanderbilt University Addiction Center. After answering all the questions, you will receive a score which is a guide to the advisability of seeking treatment.

This quiz does not provide a diagnosis of drug abuse, substance abuse or addiction. The results cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a healthcare professional

When answering the questions, use the last 12 months as a frame of reference. In the quiz, "drug abuse" refers to the use of prescribed or "over the counter" drugs in excess of the directions, the use of any illegal drugs or any non-medical use of drugs.

The questions do not include alcoholic beverages. This quiz does not include alcohol use. Be honest with yourself, only you will see the results of your test and you can only benefit if your answers are accurate.

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