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Is Your Child Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Screening Quiz for Parents


Updated May 16, 2014

Child Substance Abuse
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Experts say the best way to determine if your children are using drugs or alcohol is to talk to them. There are many resources available to parents for help in talking to your kids about drugs.

But the problem with that approach is if your children are using drugs or drinking while underage, they are breaking the law, and are not likely to admit that to their parents or any other adult. If your child is using drugs or alcohol, more than likely they are doing all they can to cover up that activity.

Answering these questions on our screening quiz for parents, can help you determine if some of the tell-tell signs of substance abuse are showing up in your home and your child's behavior.

The quiz is completely confidential, no one will see your answers or the quiz results but you.

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