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Saint Clare Center of Baraboo WI

Substance Abuse Services


Updated April 23, 2013

Saint Clare Center
Saint Clare Hospital
1510 Jefferson St.
Baraboo WI 53913
Phone: (608) 356-1533
Hotline: (800) 433-2688

Website: stclare.com

Primary Focus: At St. Clare Center we understand and accept Chemical Dependency as a disease that leaves its victims physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. We also know that this disease affects each patient differently according to his or her individual set of environmental or personal circumstances. Consequently, not all patients will respond to the same treatment modality. We believe St Clare Center’s successful treatment program is tailored to meet individual patient needs. Our objective is to provide the optimum in treatment services through a combination of flexible residential stays, outpatient, and intensive out patient services including developing continuing care services for each individual before discharge. We match each client to the appropriate level of care through an exhaustive clinical assessment, ensuring the most rewarding treatment experience.

Services Provided: Comprehensive, evidenced based multi modal treatment 24/7 under the supervision of a Board Certified Physician who specializes in Addiction Medicine.

Type of Care: Residential Treatment (7-14 days) Intensive Out Patient Treatment Out Patient Treatment - day /afternoon/evenings including weekends Intensive Opioid/Suboxone Outpatient Treatment Family Day Program (Wednesday) Vital Choices (for failed drug screens) 8 hour Ed to meet compliance in the work place Consultation Services Relapse Prevention Program Gender Specific programs Court ordered assessments Intoxicated Driver Assessment Program

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, Military insurance

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