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Victims of Drunk Driving

Stories and memorial pages honoring those killed on the highways by drunken drivers.

MADD's Victims Services
Loved ones have submitted photographs and memories to commemorate more than 100 victims of drunk drivers.

Jacqui's Story
Jacqueline Saburido was taking a break from college and industrial engineering classes when she came to the United States from Venezuela to study English. A drunk driving crash changed her life completely.

Why Did I Survive?
A survivor of a drunk driver asks why she survived while her husband sitting next to her did not.

Justin Matthew McWilliams
On April 7, 2002, an 18-year-old who was under the influence of alcohol while operating his vehicle ran over and killed Justin Matthew McWilliams. Because the incident did not take place on a public highway, no charges were filed.

Kyla Marie Fox
On July 22, 1995, five-year-old Kyla was killed when a drunk driver struck her family's car head-on.

Scott Brower
October 21, 1998 Scott was driving on the JFK Causeway toward Padre Island when his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver who was driving in the wrong direction.

Tim Abernethy
On May 15, 1981, Tim Abernethy was killed when a drunk driver crossed over the center line and hit the car head-on that he and his brother were driving to go fishing.

Matthew Odell
Matthew Odell, 18, was killed in Washington DC On January 28, 1999 when he was hit by a drunk driver while he was skating in the street at night.

Jennie's Story
A crash in Mesquite, Texas early Easter morning in 2000 changed her life forever.

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