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Reader Stories: My Lowest Point and Where I Am Today


Updated September 22, 2012

For many people to get to the point where they decide to get help for their alcohol or drug problems, they have to reach a low point in their lives, sometimes called "hitting bottom." There are as many low points as there are alcoholics and addicts, but for many it's the place where recovery began.

There Was No Rebounding This Time

Mostly, my thinking. I learned and practiced a lot of CBT in my last drug and alcohol treatment groups. but also my environment and friends. that was another very important factor for me.I now only s…More

Withdrawal Almost Killed Me

I started using ecstasy and drinking and smoking weed. Progressed to cocaine and finally to Oxycontin I've had many, many low points. But Oxycontin was by far the worst and most dangerous of all my …More

Getting a DUI Was the Turning Point

I was scared the last time I got drunk and could not believe it. I felt ashamed and humbled by this last drunk that I went to my sponsor and told him what had happened. I started working the program …More

My Last Blackout Scared Me

I realized that this had to stop. I had blacked out frequently in the weeks prior to that night and was humiliated and tired of the feeling of not knowing what had happened the night prior.My parents…More

My Personality Began to Change

I gave up alcohol since it was starting to change my personality. I would go through the day with that first drink on my mind all through it. I can now just breathe, have a light snack and just go to…More

Embarrassed Myself With My Boyfriend's Friend

I just stopped drinking. I guess I hit my "bottom," which was strange because so many bad things happened prior that others would consider their "bottom," but I just got tired. I haven't drank in exa…More

Tried to Commit Suicide

The first question was from my wife, "do you hate us this much that you had to end your life"? I answered "no, it was the booze, it took me by the hand, it convinced me I was doing it for you. I thin…More

I Had No One and No Where to Go

I called a friend and he came to get me. He allowed me to stay with him that night. I called the AA hot line and in desperation went to a meeting the next morning. That is when I started to regain my…More

I Was Sent to Prison

I had to learn to change my whole way of thinking. I was first asked to work on a positive attitude. I was to look for something positive in everything; people, places, situations. I decided to start…More

Realizing This Is Not the Real Me

I called my daughter and went to treatment. God came into my dreams and has been helping me ever since because he knew I was ready and willing. I have the same job for 2 years, for the first time, ha…More

Humiliating Myself With Alcohol

I changed when I went to rehabs with the Veterans administration who directed me to A.A. meetings when I left the rehab. What did I have to lose? Yeah, I know I was giving up my best friend, (alcohol…More

My Sister Kicked Me Out

I went to AA meetings everyday. Those people in those meetings changed my life forever. The first year, I took care of myself by going and listening to the people of AA. They loved me until I could l…More

Living on the Streets

I moved from Huntington, WV to the Hope Center in Lexington, KY and went through their recovery program and after seven years I relapsed and now I have 1-1/2 years again and can't feel any better. Li…More

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