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Every Aspect of Rehab Is Helpful

Share Your Story: What I Learned in Rehab

By candace

Updated October 05, 2011

How long were you in rehab?

I was in rehab for 30 days

What was the most helpful feature of rehab?

I got a lot out of most every aspect. My sessions with my chaplain, individual and group therapy and whole group classes. So many things about it helped me and the tools I got from rehab has helped me stay sober for about 3 years so far!

HALT: When I am feeling frustrated and feeling negative thoughts, it helps to pinpoint what's going on with me by remember to HALT, a quick check to see if I am either hungry, angry, lonely or tired.


  • I would recommend rehab for anyone who is able to get there. Every aspect of a well-run facility is so helpful.

Buddy T, About.com Alcoholism, says:

If you are considering going to a professional treatment facility, here are some resources that can help you make the best choice:

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