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Relapse After Relapse

Share Your Story: My Last Relapse

By BrendaP2007

Updated November 18, 2010

How long ago was your last relapse?

My sobriety date is 23 March 2007 but that date was 15 years in the making; relapse after relapse, not believing, searching for answers, barely surviving, struggling with the memories, or lack thereof, filled with remorse and pain.

What do you think triggered your relapse?

Anger and resentment coupled with unrealistic expectations and the inability to deal/cope with the source of my anger. The "I'll show you!! by drinking and hurting myself!!" syndrome. Boredom, depression, the fear that the life I was leading was all there was and will ever be for me. I don't deserve anything better so I might as well get the worst it has to offer.

Tips and Tricks

  • relapse doesn't begin with that first drink but ends with it
  • relapse is a process that begins long before the drink or even the decision to drink
  • identify your patterns of behavior leading up to that first drink & the "trigger" used as justification
  • make a plan of action for others to take in case you pick up, such as take you to rehab, call a mentor, close the bank accounts, etc & have them agree
  • relapse can be a part of recovery but is not a prerequisite
  • there is no shame in relapsing; the only shame is in not doing something about it
  • with every relapse you learn more about yourself

Buddy T, About.com Alcoholism, says:

Maintaining sobriety is difficult, but it can be done. Here are some tips that may be useful:

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