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Readers Respond: What Do You Do to Stop Friends or Love Ones From Driving Drunk?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Driving after you have been drinking is never a good idea, but how about when someone who is obviously intoxicated thinks they are OK? How do you stop them from driving? What do you do to keep friends or love ones from getting behind the wheel? Post Your Answer


If u drink and drive u could kill kids that might be playing in the street or if they are riding there, but that's not what I'm trying to get to u should not drink and drive.
—Guest Nick

Take a cab

Take a cab, costs less than a DUI conviction you know
—Guest R

Try anything!!!

I will always try to prevent DUI. Take the keys away! Say, “What? You going to give me a hard time because you’re alright?! You’re not alright, you’re intoxicated! “. We will; get you a ride or relax and eat something or distract them. Still not working? Last resort, use the “Spock” move (I wish) “Okay, how about I call the Cops here and they can decide if you’re okay to drive? Is someone getting a video? Be supportive of each other people! Be a responsible family member, friend, citizen, whoever you are! It can result in submission. Show the video later, it may help and assuredly it will cover your ass. I wish all vehicles came standard with breathalyzers or better yet, voice recognition. Voice recognition could easily detect normal speech vs. intoxicated speech.

The cost!

Wow, never expected a DUI to cost so much. i think the cost alone should steer people away from driving while drunk. my insurance went up to like $300/month!! i've been searching online high and low for cheaper rates, but the only one i found that was cheap seems like a scam ($55/month hmmmmm) not to mention the lawyer fees, jail fees, etc. if you don't wanna go bankrupt, stay out of the car when u drink!!
—Guest james

I can't stop her when I'm so far away

I live in a different town than my girlfriend, and she and her friends will regularly drive after drinking. None of them have ever had any problems with it, but I know it only takes one accident to ruin a life. I tell her I don't want her to do it, but I also have to take solace in the times that she doesn't drink much, because at least she's not getting wasted and driving. I'll keep talking to her about it, and hopefully I'll be able to convince her one day without her having to learn the hard way.
—Guest JC

Carpet Cutter Does the Trick

I had a sister who constantly got behind the wheel and drove while drunk. Crashed a couple cars, finally arrested for DUI. When she was arrested I found out where her car was left when they took her in. Took the cutter and sliced through 3 tires. Little harder than it sounds-had to wedge the blade under the tire and lever it up into the tire-the whole time hoping no one would call the cops on me. She got the car fixed and then off to the races again. I did this three more times- always slicing 2-3 tires. Scared to death when I was outside her home because she could be really violent. Fourth time was the charm-she never drove after that. Would have kept doing it as long as need be-everyone knew what she was doing. Something awful was going to happen. Time for action-would do it all again in a heartbeat. You want to keep someone from drinking and driving and can't get all the car keys? You have to disable the car-plain and simple.
—Guest Wanda

What to do

I used to live with an alcoholic. You cannot make them sober, that's the first thing. If you can life with the drunkenness, the nonsense that goes on, go for it. I could not. My advice to anyone involved with an alcoholic is to walk away, even if it is a husband, wife, brother, child...walk away. They will not change because you want them to, they must decide to get sober on their own. And you must start owning your own co-dependency and enabling. You have just as many issues living with an alcoholic as the alcoholic does--you picked that person, after all. Time to wake up and walk through fire. If I can do it, so can you.
—Guest Nina

Drunk Driving

No question - take away the keys. I 'm not big on interventions, but when innocent lives are at stake, ther's no question.
—Guest Jim F

Drunk driver

TAKE AWAY THE KEYS! Don't wait until they kill someone. Our daughter was killed at age of 10 by a drunk driver. She was standing in our driveway. Drunk that killed her just drove away from his home and EVERYONE knew he was a drunk. May he burn in hell.
—Guest Kay

Show them a picture of my dead child

My daughter was killed in 2008 in a drunk driving accident. They can see a picture of her in life and of her grave. Bottom line is people will drink and drive for as long as they can get away with it unless they get caught or get sober. If they are willing to drink and drive, then whenever they drink they will be glad to drive. Call the police on them every chance you get. If facts won't stop them, jail will, at least for a while.
—Guest DavidJ

You become who you hang around

I have called the police on my brother on two occasions and my little sister who doesnt even have a license (not drunk, but no license!) and they did not do anything. When I called them back to ask why they said there were others situations of higher priority on their list. I think its important to let others know how you feel. After all if you really care about them how would you look at yourself in the mirror if they died and you didnt even warn them. Additionally, people tend to become who they hang around. For this reason I have had to cut many people out of my life as it is not who I want to become. The lines of whats right or wrong should never be distorted. You can love someone but you dont have to love their actions.
—Guest Betty

Yelling doesn't help

I dont see many solutions here and have tried yelling and it doesn't work when someone is drunk. My husbands brother was completely wasted when we left a bar and his girlfriend offered to drive because she had 2 drinks the entire night. He wouldnt let her drive and I felt like I was surrounded by crazy people because I was the only one making a very strong stand about it. I persisted for 20 minutes.. My husband and his brother's girlfriend said and did nothing while I kept asking him to let me out, asked him what if he killed someone, what if he gets pulled over, is this really worth it and mainly why? Why cant he just let his girlfriend drive? Why risk everyones lives and his future- for what? He just kept telling me to SHUT THE F* UP! No defense from my husband or his gf. Now my husband constantly wants me to hang out with them and I have not heard a single Im sorry or anything. I dont know what to do because our last encounter was horrendous.
—Guest AAT

Show them the light..

My 2 neices under the age of 11 have seen their Father drinks & drive too many times. For years hes done this. He knows its wrong.. An knows all risks. The risk of him killing/harming himself or innocent people is a risk that he says will never happen. His partner has tried to stop him by taking the keys of his car ( she can its in her name) completely. He agreed an promised not to drink drive again an for 2 weeks biked to the train station to get to work. He did so well.. His keys were givin back in to him.. no change & It keeps happening & he & the rest of society doing it won't stop until the risk they or others die. So .. Try this. It sucks to do this but.. It could b the option that saves. Make a homemade video of his loved 1s. Knock at their door when he is not home. Tell them he was killed by a drunk driver. 2 minutes only then explain an apologize. Do more then edit.. Make him a copy an let him watch in pain loved ones crumble before him. It's risky to do. Was worth his life.
—Guest Lovehurtsinmanyways

I dont know what to do.

My father always does it. I was wondering if I called 911 when he makes it home if it'll do any good. He has no common sense and keeps doing it over and over again. So do you think he would get arrested for coming home drunk?
—Guest ckent

easy to say, hard to do...

Sister drives for a living, comes home on weekends and drinks so much she hardly remembers what she said/did. Says she doesn't drink during the week when on the road, but starting to wonder. Calls herself "professional driver" & says we are making too much of this. She has to drive 1 1/2-2 hrs to get back to her truck ea week, and has frequently left in a tiff b/c we asked her to slow down on drinking/taper off before she hits the road. If I drove her, no one to bring me back home (rental car). She ignores our pleas, dismisses our concerns "It's only beer!" and frequently drives around town with one of those large plastic fast food cups full of beer (holds approx 2 beers). If try to wrestle the keys away, she will either start a horrible violent fit (smashing things, yelling) or just easily overpower me. Insists making big deal out of nothing,being controlling. If I call cops, would severely impact our already perilous financial sit'n,+I'd lose my place to live & would be homeless.

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What Do You Do to Stop Friends or Love Ones From Driving Drunk?

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