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Readers Respond: What Is Your Definition of Recovery?

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Updated January 17, 2012

The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines recovery as "a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential." But what do you think? What is your definition of being in recovery? Share Your Opinion


When ur younger, dependence or even daily use of alcohol seems impossible to beat. i've done it & recovered. look @ recovery as if u had a chance to relive a dream...to do it right on & get all the rewards. okay, just look at it this way...but if something new comes into ur life & ur not sure why of from WHO...well let's say that will be someone else in maybe a longer state of recovery...his recovery is older than urs & he's still on the road when ur home.


Recovered is to find the Truth not the truth as I see it or the Truth as you see it. Gods truth in black & white. Every one who comes up against the Truth has a choice! Am I going to be accept it or reject it.
—Guest Joby


A recovered alcoholic is one who has achieved a permanent , contented sobriety. The word permanent here means a sobriety that has lasted for some period of time up until TODAY. Sobriety is understood by everyone and it happens automatically once we stop drinking alcohol. Due to the allergy concept as told us by Dr Silkworth years ago, we can never drink safely. Alcoholism can be cured if we only seek sobriety and not return to drinking alcohol. I have been sober for 44 years, am reasonably content with life , have absolutely no craving at all for alcohol but I'm positive if I choose to take a drink I will get sick again and may never get another chance to recover.
—Guest Art Sampson


Is recovery revenge? My daughter says she has quit drinking but now seeks revenge on her family members...there is nothing positive she has to say at all. How can I help?
—Guest tinkerthinker


Recovered concerning alcoholism is a word first used by the original first 100 alcoholics who wrote the big book entitled Alcoholics Anonymous. They dedicated this book to the many thousands of men and women who had recovered from alcoholism. See title page -big book. They also said that recovery was a permanent , contented sobriety. It does not get much simpler than that.
—Guest Art Sampson

what is recovery

Recovery happens when we admit we have an addiction. Recovering happens when we continue to abstain from using. Recoverd and Enlightenment comes from when the absesstion to use has been lifted and we have been restored to sanity. Cont Enlightment comes from when we realise that are addiction is but a symptom to the issue. Full enlightenment and a new person comes from daily surrender, to an ideal or principles of living that are larger then ourselfs! 1. Realising once and for all. That its not all about me! (Humility) 2. Being willing to set wrongs you have done right, and doing it! 3. Being aware of cause and effect of our behaviors 4. Being willing to serve others! without any rewards! What recovery is not? 1. A progam. 2. Ridged set rules and ideals. 3. How many meetings you goto! 4. How many friends you have/ or how sociable u r 5. Not replacing one addiction, for another ( programs, work, love, co-dependacy, money, spending, material good etc) Recovery is personal wal
—Guest Guest

Recovery from substance abuse

Recovery to me means I love being the woman I have become, comfortable in my own skin and at peace with God and myself. It means I am grateful for being able to handle most situations that used to cause me grief and dispare. My insides match my outsides and I am comfortable with all of you.
—Guest June

Smoking is an addiction

I was fortunate in that this time after getting sober, I was able to, a couple of years into my recovery, also let go of my nicotine addiction. I now view nicotine in the same way I view alcohol and agree with the article.
—Guest Christopher


Recovery is based on a daily reprieve and is very much ongoing. I have today and that is all I have until I wake up the next morning. Turning it over and letting go assists in the recovery process.


I was amazed but not surprised to read the latest definition of recovery is to change. The problem is people are obsessed with meanings and definitions. If you ask 20 doctors their definition of an alcoholic you will get 20 different answers. To define recovery has the same problem. We are all individuals and recovery will mean what it means to us. For me recovery is every day. Trying not to make the same mistakes twice but to forgive myself if i do. Recovery for me is to try and be the best I can do the best to others that seek my help.To day i choose not to drink and tomorrow is another day.Recovery for me will continue until the day I die.
—Guest jacobs

Becoming Higher Powered!

Recovery is an on-going process of progressively moving toward "enlightenment". Definition of enlightenment? Depends on the individual! I think it's correct to say that there are some who are "recovered", but I believe for the vast majority of addicts it might be better to say, "we are recovering". Why? Because our recovery is based on a daily reprieve from our substance of choice, contingent on our spiritual condition. (Those in recovery who are non-believers in a Higher Power have their own methodology). I believe part of an enlightened state is, or is on the way to, becoming "undependent", one is in the process of getting, or has the ability to work if one in fact needs to; basic needs are met, that doesn't include romance if you don't have it!, high self-esteem, and being a part of something larger than oneself to look forward to, a sense of giving, receiving, acceptance, and community. Isolation is not recovery! Learning and striving for our full potential comes with changing.
—Guest 1hourataT9


Recovery has now become a word associated with making money. Recovered comes from turning one's life over to God. No charge!
—Guest Sherada

Self-Directed Life?

My "self-directed life" is the cause of my addiction. The successful recovery programs I am most familiar with suggest taking a few steps and relying on God for direction. I would consider changing the words "self-directed life" to "God-directed life" in the SAMHSA definition. However, meeting people right where they are is a great thing. Their definition is positive and attractive - all people want to change, improve, and meet their full potential (as individuals, all by themselves). It is what it is and life will always present itself as it happens.
—Guest David

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What Is Your Definition of Recovery?

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