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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Give yourself a break

Dont worry about what ANYONE thinks or may say. Go to a Methadone clinic and change your life. I've been on it for 16months and my life hasn't been better ever since my first fight with the withdrawal demons. I keep it to myself except my wife. No one else needs to know why all your money and other problems have gotten less and less.. God bless. Oh 20yrs of going in and out and now im out remember this... NOTHING HELPS WITHDRAWL BUT ANOTHER NARCOTIC. NOTHING!

Life's never been the same

Years of spinal surgery (at least 12, lost count) have kept me in severe chronic pain since 1997. Always knew I could eat whatever and not gain weight,but never thought my super fast metabolism would destroy my tolerance. Fentanyl kept me OK quite awhile, but tolerance increased and morphine made me sick. Had taken Roxy long time with great success, so started Oxycontin 20 3x a day,went into immediately withdrawal.Monthly increases have me at 50mg 3x day plus up to 5 Roxy 5mg daily for break thru,the withdrawal symptoms between doses worsen weekly. Now barely 95 lbs, with stomach pain, constipation ,diarrhea ,sweats ,freezing cold ,muscle pain and yawning. Cervical,and lumbar fully fused top to bottom put me on permanent disability since age 42. No clue whats next for me, even beat breast cancer, but pain meds, esp Oxy have robbed me of all quailty of life. My advice:NEVER start opiates or narcotics at all costs, there is NO turning back! My husband is my rock, family support my only lifesaver. I curse the day I ever started.
—Guest Guest Deanna

160 mg /day, 2 years

I am not a religious person, but this must be a demon. Seriously it has power you must be ready to face. So go into this like failure is no option and when you face this demon your body WILL literally try to consume itself looking for what it needs. DON'T GIVE IN, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! .in 7 days I lost 6-7 lbs. I am very week but I know I have beat the devil now. In pain but alive. Be strong eventually it will let you go. NEVER FORGET HOW POWERFUL THIS DEMON IS WARN OTHERS.
—Guest Thomas


Had been taking ox for six years and Dr. Added methadone. Two months later I stopped cold turkey after the six year non stop. As each day passed with the sudden detox , I stood my ground and rode the white horse all the way . There was no way I was going to go through 24 -48 hours of tossing and turning, nausea, no sleep for days hardly at all ... And then decide to take the pills again . I think tore over can be very helpful in the right situation to treat the pain . It got me thru some unbearable pain. But where and when did the existing pain lighten up? Over 6-7 years I wasn't sure. Detox is tough but so is life . I think years are way too long to take oxy. But like they say... Some of us learn from reason. . Some of us learn by watching. And the rest will just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Hang in there !
—Guest Andy


I'm in my 3rd day from a 2 year oxy frenzy that's left me in a massive hole personally and financially. This is my 3rd try at getting out of this vicious circle. Just tried to contact my supplier to get a fix of 40mg oxycontin and as I'd already told him what I was doing he cut me off. The cramps, my shaky legs the anxiety are killing me. Luckily I have my partner with me and my 2 year old to support me this time which feels better cause last time just before Xmas i seriously tried to commit suicide while going thru this painful experience. How is this stuff allowed to be prescribed, I went to the dr yesterday afternoon after reading some posts to get some of the medication that is suggested to help with the withdrawal symptoms, and her tried to prescribe me 5mg Targin (oxy) to wean me off it. Knowing me i would have taken half the pack to make the pain go away. Thankfully he listened and gave me, some valium, Imodium and anti inflammatory for my back pain. Thanks for listening and you
—Guest Aussie

My Story

I have been a low-dose oxy extended release user for 15 years. Started with so-called fibromyalgia which is just another name for I-don't-know what the hell is wrong with you but I think it's all in your head. Well, maybe that's so but the pain is real so they gave me the pain-relievers so I could continue working. I have now been retired for 10 years and have stopped taking this drug because CVS has made it so difficult to fill the rx because they can't stock them and they always have to order them lest some jerk break in and steal them, even if those break-ins happened years ago. So, since I already went through the worst symptoms, I might as well stop altogether. Used cold-turkey as that was all that worked for my cigarette habit. Here's the thing: It has left me as weak as a kitten. Is this a symptom too or something else wrong? Anybody know?
—Guest Eve

A difficult road

First tried oxy and fell in love. I took it for some back pain I began having after being involved in a fight. It was not prescribed, but needless to say I loved the feeling of euphoria and happiness it gave me. Started gradually and eventually took 40-60mg a night. Have been on them for over a year straight and today is day 4 of detox. It has been nightmarish, have not slept at all for 4 days. I have the most terrible body aches, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sweats, restless legs. Laying in bed crying feeling alone with this. I hope it gets better. I want to relapse so bad, God help me get through this. I want to feel happy without them. Like I used to be.
—Guest Lonelytraveler

No, no, no.

I am 26 years old & have enjoyed getting high since early teens. Always did my research first & tried to "respect" drugs. Never experimented with painpills. Then in 2007, I began having joint pains & would get a few Vs from family, but rare. Fast forward to buying Vs, & then introduced to oxy. Fell in love. Never prescribed. 1 would work, then 2, & so on. I started feeling "good" about my addiction if I only took 6 P10s. Oxy has been my lover, my comfort. My favorite lover but my worst. My abusive marriage that I fear leaving. My lover that I wonder if I can survive without? Early this year I got a "great deal" on some 80's. An entire months supply. Guy had no idea their worth, & I bought all 60. Tolerance shot. I've "cut back" since I've spent more than I can even process right now. I'm up & down between 10-20 a night. I'm now on day 6 of withdrawal. Weening is impossible for me. But I'm done. DONE. No need to explain what I'm going through. My mom, & U are my SUPPORT. THANKU.
—Guest twentysix

Feel so sick

My friend gave me a generic 40mg oc and i tried it for the very first time. I broke it in half then crushed it. i started off with a tiny line and took a bump followed by a few more then finally swallowed a very small amount of the crushed oc. i wld say the total amount i did was about 10mg. i felt like i was going die..anxiety attack...tremors...chills...felt like fainting so i jumped in the shower w. warm water. i flushed the rest of the crushed oc and the other half down the toilet immediately. i tried just about all kinds of drugs that are out there but this was the scariest drug i have ever tried, by far.. cant sleep...going through a tough time right now..just feel sick and horrible overall. how long will this withdrawal last? now that i experienced it once i will never touch this again. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
—Guest Lee

Working it out

I'm on day 5 of no norco and I finally have gotten a great night of sleep and starting to feel normal again(a feeling I don't think I've had for the past 2yrs on the drug). I had a nasty spinal injury and surgery but kept on the pills to avoid life's problems the easy way. The first few days were awful. God Awful. I now have a sense if clarity I haven't had for some time. Yes, I'm still sore and not quite right but the really bad stuff that I was dreading is over. I would recommend to anyone to get off the drug as soon as you can in recovery. These message boards have been a great help for me in preparation for the detox and during it. I thank everyone for their insight and stories.
—Guest JP

Anxiety is the worst

I'm not an oxy user but I do take vicodin for chronic pain, and this month I ran out early. I've been through it before but I always forget how crappy it'll be. For me, prone to depression and anxiety in the first place, the withdrawal anxiety is the worst symptom. I get semi-suicidal and only the presence of my kids brings me back to myself. I had this happen after stopping Tylenol 4after just a couple of weeks following a c-section and it helped plunge me into an 18-month depression. Be wary of this. I find that Pepto actually helps better with gut problems than Imodium btw. Having TV or music on constantly also helps, distracting the mind a bit. Heating pad and cats help too. Can't go for walks because I can't stand up for very long. Do anything you can to help comfort yourself - favorite films, etc. Pain isn't an issue for me because I'm so used to it, I guess. Good luck and the benediction of whatever higher power you believe in to all who are struggling.
—Guest anxious

Sick of going through withdrawl

This is the 3rd time I'm going through withdrawal in 6 years. First time I had a neck fusion, 2nd time it was for the same reason but I couldn't stand being in withdrawal so I started taking them again and found out I did have legitimate pain and had to have another fusion. I was off the pain meds for about 4 months and felt great. The withdrawal symptoms lasted about 4 days. Then I started having lower back pain and started seeing a pain mngt Dr who gave me whatever meds I wanted. The paim got worse and found out I needed 2 discs replaced in my lower back. Before and after surgery I was taking 3 15 mg of roxicodone and 2 10 mg of vicodin. I stopped taking the Roxi last week and was taking 70 mg of the vicodin to make up for not having the Roxi. I was sick to death of taking so many and decided to just quit cold turkey or I wouldn't have at all. I had anti anxiety pills and sleeping pills that really helped me get through the nights.I pray daily and it does get better. Just stay strong.
—Guest fighting for relief


I started taken Dr.perscibed opiods 15 yrs ago 7 years ago was put on morphine and oxycodone 10 days ago I stopped them both I am cold so cold. It now seems like I had a heavy warm blanket around me for all those years. I hate that I took all that stuff but I was in so much pain. I was given clonidine to help with the withdrawl. I sweat get panic attacks leg pain. I try to sleep but am unable, I use heating pads for chills, imodium for diarrhea, benadryl for anxiety,I sneeze alot,I also drink lots of water, I also feel very tired from no sleep. I think the toughest symptom for me is the coldness of my body that is why I use heat and I take long baths. I have checked many web sights and the withdrawal should be 3 days to 2 weeks and I am at day 10. I am just wondering if it will take me longer because of the length of time I took opiods? I am convinced that we can be free of this curse of addiction. I pray alot and ask God for his help and wisdom to go though this and come out VICTORIOUS

Death would be easier sometimes

It all started out with shoulder surgery, and a script for percs. The more percs I took the more pain I was having and after 6 months of doctor prescribed pills I started buying oxy off the street and started snorting them. Then my doctor cut me off and dropped me as a patient and gave me another year worth script at 120 percs a month and said good luck to you... So during that next year I took the month worth of percs in two weeks while at work away from home then had to by oxy 80's off the street for the 2 weeks off at home at 240 mg/day. This quickly dug me in a big financial hole and after my son was born I tried quitting cold turkey twice. Worst 2 weeks of my life! Then a year later tried again cold turkey and suffered for a week for nothing, all three times were just pure torture! Heaving, puking, pooping, every bone in my body hurting, lower back pain, restless legs, can't sleep, can't eat, and freezing cold. I went on suboxone for 16 months and getting off that is just as bad.
—Guest Tommy

Hell On Earth - but it can be done

I'd like a word in a locked room with the person who prescribed me oxy for pain. The side effects and withdrawals were never explained to me, but what a relief to have no pain after two car accidents and four operations. It's not obvious how much this drug affects you mentally until you are off it, but aside from pain relief it's bad news and I'd never take it again. There must be other options for hospitals to push. So after a year and a half on oxy, it's time to stop. I saw the doc, prepared with valium, zanax, immodium for the shits, maxolon for the nausea, clamadene for the sweating, vitamins and minerals. None of them helped with the symptoms of withdrawal. The only thing that helped ? Time. You have to suck it up, ride the wave of sweating, cramping, shivering, convulsing, squirting and vomiting. I couldn't eat for days but I kept the fluids and electrolytes up. Stay strong, you will get there, and hopefully you won't lose someone important and lovely on the way like I did.
—Guest Dave

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