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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Oxycontin addict

Hi, my name is ashley and I'm an oxycontin addict. I've tried for years and years to kick this habit, always make it to the 2nd or 3rd day and quit :( I find it hard cause of work, can't work through the withdrawal. As I lay here tonight in my 18th hour without, god please give me strength to get off this :(
—Guest ashley

my oxy withdrawal symptoms

5th day...too hot..too cold. no energy. Foods smell horrific and my fridge smells like a sewer. I can't sleep, but I'm so tired. Oxy is a tough recovery. Perhaps I should have decreased my dose gradually, but I just wanted to be done with it. Fentayl was worse than this when I got hooked after brain irradiation about 10 years ago. That detox took almost 3 weeks.
—Guest Busker

Day 6 anxiety is worse

I was taking percs exactly as prescribed and they worked wonders for pain. I have been on pain killers before and come off them just fine but never in this high a dose. I was taking 7.5's x 10 a day. I stopped cold turkey because the pain I was being treated for was gone. I thought cool now back to life. Wow was I wrong. I have had all the same symptoms as everyone else here, but the worst for me is the severe and I mean SEVERE anxiety. I went to the ER on day 5 and got clonodine. It helped with the physical anxiety but the mental anxiety is so intense I feel like killing myself at times. I is bizarre. I was never told that this drug could do this and have no clue why my doc did not tell me it would happen. I am not ever going on it like my doc told me too. I think I should have been taking maybe 3 a day and not 10. As it stands I never want to touch this crap again. I would not take it unless the pain was beyond unbearable. Because withdrawal is 100 x's worse. GL to all we need it.
—Guest lonley

My son's nightmare

My oldest son has just finished another week of withdrawal from Oxycontin. He keeps telling me that he can handle this and deep in my heart I know that when his father receives his script, my husband will give him some of his Oxycontin and Oxycodone. My son will not seek help in any way and it is a big secret in our family. This drug has taken away his drive to practice law and even search for a job. The one thing yhat he has told me is he never knew that prescription drugs could be addictive since you ordinarily do not buy them on the street. I agree with the timed-realease medication that it is too powerful. My son has told me that he bites right into an Oxycontin. He has also said that he is invinsible and has such a high tolerance he can never overdose. I know those words are crazy.
—Guest Guest worried mother


I shared my experience titled "Nothing like it". I finished my detox within 7 days, only to find I had a raging kidney infection. What I had been thinking was back pain from a past lumbar fusion turned out to be not that at all and the infection was being masked by the Oxy's. It could have turned into a potentially life-threatening situation. The moral of my story is, You can get off of OxyContin. It's hard, you'll be really, really sick but you can get through it. Who knows what lies beneath that haze that the Oxy's mask. I've started laughing again, my appetite has returned. Still can't sleep though. That's a bummer. Set a time you can stay home, have someone with you. Supply yourself with Immodium, valium, B6, a good broad mineral supplement, and be resolute. Don't let Oxy's rule your life. Don't underestimate the agony of withdrawal. Be prepared. You can do it! One last thought, tell your doctor what you're doing so in case you get into trouble you'll have backup.
—Guest Debby

Chipped and chumped

I've been alternating vicodin and heroin for the last few months, and been doing them for over a year with more regular breaks. I managed to avoid addiction for so long by taking breaks regularly. I experienced only mind withdrawal, restless legs the first couple nights, brief bout of diarrhea, but nothing you can't handle. But my latest bout seems to have crossed the line. I keep trying to quit but only seem to get to 24 or at best 48 hours. I am now at 25 1/2 hours and trying to get to the point where i have no symptoms for a whole day and night. No idea how long that will take. For me the worst is the depression and the lethargy - total lack of energy. I want to kill myself and since i can only lay around time drags on. The restless muscles only seem to happen when i try to sleep. I heard others mention marijuana and it's true it has a miraculously beneficial effect, completely relaxing my muscles. Anyway wish me luck, your stories have been inspiring and much appreciated
—Guest fireman

Is normal life what you want

I know the right people and I make good $$. I have taken vics morphine Oxys all that. Most my problems were with vics. At my worst 30-40 750s a day. I have "quit" several times but it's not quoting if you start again huh? My symptoms were mainly pain and zero energy. Things that help me are stackers, way more aleve than you should take, and nyquil. Take the first 2 as soon as you wake up and the 3rd when you get home from work. Bottom line is do you want to get off this for real? Stop talking to people if they use. Losing a friend is not worth losing your life. The first week can be hard. In the end all I can say is your willpower is the most important key to winning this battle.
—Guest You have to be ready

A glimmer of Hope.

Out of the depths of despair, a glimmer of hope, of a normal life, of a life not lived to just get by each day, wondering how to stay replenished. No, that glimmer fades, and I plunge myself back into the dark underbelly of the beast of addiction. That beast that seems so nice and friendly at first, but than turns vicious, taking over seemingly every thought, where all I  can think about is calming the beast, so that I may live on my life, for a few days more. One day, I will slay this monster, this monster staring back at me in the mirror. And, on that day, and forever more, I will give thanks not just to my free will, but to the One who gave me the power of free will and the perseverance to finally conquer that Fallen Angel that many fight with every day.
—Guest Fighters Fight

Should Be Outlawed

The most "peculiar" symptom I thought, besides the hallucinations and imaginary conversations, was a strong and unrelenting odor I sensed and which was not physically present. I did not smell like it and my house did not smell like it according to my wife. It was similar to burning rubber. I also experienced all of the other symptoms I've been reading about here. That was 2 years ago with a broken leg. I quit after about 40 days. Now last week I had shoulder surgery and the doctor ordered up the drug again, 10 tablets. I used 8 total and then quit. To my surprise, I have all the same symptoms again, some not as severe, but that godawful smell has persisted again now for 7 days after quitting. Next time, just give me the morphine please.

Try this

Methocarbamol worked pretty good for my withdrawal symptoms. See if the doc can prescribe that
—Guest dee dee

Nothing like it

I decided to detox on my own. I read and followed the Thomas recipe. The Valium and Immodium really helped. Do not use this drug unless you are fully prepared to pay the piper. I thought because it was a prescription that it safe. I was never advised of the consequences of stopping. Just so you have a glimpse of what it's been like for me, I weaned down to 2 20's, and then just stopped. I'm on my 5th day and still have not kept anything down. The stomach cramps have been terrible. I was so sick yesterday I wanted to go to the emergency room but couldn't tolerate sitting in a waiting room. Stayed home with another night of thrashing around in the bed, cold, hot, anxious, stomach ache, and much more. I think before doctors give you this medication you should be given a paper describing the effects of results, not skipping any unpleasant detail. For those of you planning to detox, be resolute, have someone around to be supportive, let your doctor know. I pray for you. Pray for me.
—Guest Guest Debby


Had knee replacement 2 months ago and trying to get off oxy, can't sleep/restless legs/muscle aches-is this withdraw? I just need to get some sleep-PM meds not helping any suggestions?
—Guest Debbie

Never again will I go down this road!

24hrs in and feeling sO sick! coming off 100-150mg oxy a day for the past 15mths.. and it all started out with my girls dad giving me one or two 40mg pills on the wknd, then it just seemed to spiral out of control..! I find not being able to sleep is the killer for me! I just need sleep.. ahhh my legs an head hurt like craZy :o(
—Guest shaanE

Trying to make it... God help me please.

I have been prescribed Oxycontin 80mg for about 3 years now. My dosage is 5 a day but I end up taking as many as 12 to 15! I knew the day would come when I would face this Hell and today is the day! I ran out yesterday and won't be able to get my refill till the 15th of this month. That's 12 days from now! I have gone about 24 hours without any and the "sick" has reared it's ugly head already! I have had terrible stomach trouble, sweating, and body aches. I called my psychiatrist to ask for something to help me through this and I'm waiting on his call. Part of my wants to kick this junk for good as it has really screwed up my life and part of me wants to keep going as soon as I get my refill. I am going to try to kick it altogether since it will be 12 days before I can get more I hope to be almost or completely through the withdrawals. I pray I am. Pray for me please. I am so miserable. I am praying for all of you too! God help us all!


I appreciate the comments as I watch my husband in his fifth day of withdrawal. Came home from work and thought maybe I should call dr., but he says he's okay. He can't tell me what he's going through but you all have given me an idea. I am proud of him for wanting to get off of these drugs that helped his pain, but he doesn't want to be dependent on. God bless you all - hang in there and be strong and courageous!
—Guest watchingwithdrawal

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What Were Your Toughest Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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