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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated October 09, 2014

Time To See The Truth

I have read all your stories and am humbled to know I am not alone. I too am sick of waking up tired and hungover. I am sick of spending more and more money for less and less of the "effect". I grew up around alcohol and ending up working behind bars. After every shift I sat down with the locals and hit the booze with them, went home and continued. I have had friends, family and ex-girlfriends point out my problem. I feel like i want to be a normal drinker but I don't even know what that is anymore. Having worked behind a bar for years I have seen all variety of drinker. My flatmate does not drink until the end of the week and,it ends up being a two day binge. Last week I started drinking during the day when I was alone at home. I've scared myself. It really does seem to be an bottomless pit. Well I just tipped out half a bottom of vodka and half a bottle of wine. I think I should swear off bar work. So, there you have it. What should the next step be?
—Guest Enough


Am I wrong to think this site is more helpful than an AA meeting? It is truly anonymous & is helping me to be open.
—Guest Natasha

Quitting drinking and why I want to!

I have decided to quit drinking due to many factors, mainly the constant tiredness, the hungover feeling every morning, heaving in the morning, getting ill regular and of course not even remembering going to bed! Its a hard thing for me to attempt as I have drunk since thirteen all be it not on the scale I do now, started off at 4 per night, then over many years 4 turned to 8 to get the drunk buzz feeling, now after many years its gone up to twelve per night, I dont crave it strangely, I just do it, its killing my finances and no doubt myself if I stay on this path, beer used to make me all giddy and up for fun, these days that part has gone and its just a occurring habit, and I dont even get the buzz anymore. My children deserve more Im never at the stage of falling over drunk but it still in my system, Im coming off this crap for me and the want of a better life. Alcohols a slow burn but its still suicide! Time for me not to be its slave anymore!
—Guest ab80

My family

I lost my dad to alcohol poisoning started drinking at 14, now sober for only a month, ruined my life things that I did and said to people I love that I cant take, messed up with the best guy I have ever met trying to work on that, just not worth it, there's nights I don't remember at all.
—Guest Heather

One day at a time.

Been sober for two weeks, life is better. It is a hard fight but it is worth the victory. Thanks for the post.
—Guest R

Before it's too late

Today I'm four months sober. I still have a wife, 3 kids, house, and job. I quit because I didn't want to loose it all. I've been a pretty heavy drinker since I was 17. I feel very fortunate for everything I have and can see how easy it would be to loose it all. I started drinking more and more as life began to get more challenging and stressful. With some bad genes in our family, it's critical that my kids don't ever see their dad drunk and they respect me. I quit so I do my best to be a great father that leads by example.
—Guest Guest Deric

I quit drinking

I quit drinking 3 years ago, but I know I need more support, I feel I need to get more envolved in AA
—Guest ginger

Exercising my right to choose

I drank since my early teens. The game was the more alcohol you could consume without vomiting or losing control , the more of a man you were. So we trained ourselves early on to drink heavily. Which carried into my 20s right to the bar. A few years of messed up relationships with bar women and bar friends with ties to all kinds of messed up stuff. I wound up a junkie. Bouncing around place to place in and out of rehab and finally living with mom and dad drinking and when I had the chance, drugging. Whatever drugs were there I didn't care. One night lying in my bed contemplating dying after a bottle of vodka and an 8 ball I thought to myself. "Is this really how I wanna go out? Found dead tomorrow morning because I was too much of a coward to deal with life head on?" Then it all seemed clear as day what was holding me back and what I had to do to fix things. The answer was simple. I had to make a life altering choice to stay clean or die young with no dignity whatsoever.
—Guest "k"

Lost and alone

I had just had enough I finally pushed my family to far and was thrown out 2 days before Thanksgiving, but it still took me another 2 months of sleeping on floors and couches before I was willing to admit I needed help. Ended up in a city I didn't want to be in with family not sure how happy they were to have me. wanted to die but didn't have the guts when my higher power brought these wonderful people into my life. they saved me from myself and helped me out of the bottle and into life. I had to lose everything I loved to be able to love myself again, now slowly it's coming back to bit by bit. the promises work if you work them, time really is the only thing that heals. I have a real life now with a job and friends who really love me, but more importantly I like me now. After 42 years I found the me I was always hiding from.

It was just time to stop for good

The drinking quit being fun and social. I drank almost every day, alone. I wasn't working, living with my parents, lost my friends, my family was sick of me, I looked years older and shabby. I was living in sweats. I was bloated, sluggish, and unmotivated to even walk around the park. The last five-seven years have just been a blur of isolation, being an absent parent, too much tv and wasted time I'll never get back. Oh how I wish for a reset button. So how I quit was an old AA friend invited me to try it again. "How 'bout a meeting?" No thanks, I'd say. But the last time I was asked to go I realized I was wearing the same sweats, drinking the same beer, sitting in the same chair. I knew if I didn't quit and go back to a meeting I'd never get out of that state. I couldn't get motivated by myself. I needed support. That was six months ago. I quit drinking, and am going to meetings. My life is better. So full of remorse for throwing much of my life away. But I want to stay sober today.
—Guest pnw

Drinking make me out of control

I have a really lovely boyfriend, a good job, and nice place to live. About myself, I have some issue of my body. I just can't let go, therefore, after drinking, I cry so hard and fight so hard with my boyfriend in front of our friends. The other day, I don't really remember what I said and what I did. I feel so shame in front of our friends and my boyfriend. Drinking issue is going to ruining our relationship and my image in our friend's mind. I am going to quite drinking for a while until i know how to control it. Drinking just make people depressed more. All the happy from the drinking is not real. I believe without drinking, we can still have a lot fun and peace.
—Guest Ashlee

Why I quit

I quit. why, I asked myself. I loved the drinking experience. I could have given someone that asked why I quit a hundred reasons that made sense. why id I really quit? I didn't have to. Even though I had put myself in the hospital for 10 days with alcohol poisoning I quickly recovered and drank again. I see life experience happens for a reason. I also was being told it was time to see and experience life from another point of view. I am not going to feel sorry for myself for ANYTHING that happened to me and either should you. It is very simply what you do from today that matters. Also, to hell with what anyone else thinks about, Stop for you. If you want to do it for someone else, do it for yourself first so you can't blame them for any reason in the future. Make life an experience more interesting than when you were drinking.
—Guest Tom


There is hope from what some of you posted. There is hope...
—Guest Natalia

Why!? What!?

I relate to SO many of you. Fallen a off bar stool. Car crashes, yet no major legal issues. Headed towards divorce from a wonderful man who has hung in there with my alcoholism that started 7 out of 11 years together. Almost set apartment on fire due to black out while cooking. Kicked out of a nice bar carried out by a nice security guard who I pissed on. Bruises & pain everywhere. Fell head on first into home dry wall. Hit a pizza shop, drove away because unware of what I did. Check phones & texts daily to see what damage I may have caused but knew something happened when a cop showed up at my doorstep. Charged with damaged to a building. Blessed that the cops did not want to "ruin my life" with a DUI charge, this time. Being attractive and percieved as successful and what nice place gets you far, but GOD has been blessing me with a message that i have time to get it together. What has happened to cause me to get here!? What!? Wonderful & idyllic childhood. I am a drunk
—Guest Natalia

I was tired and sad

I felt like I was watching my life, as an outsider. I'd vow every day that it would be my last, and tomorrow I'd finally stop. But tomorrow never came. It was the same miserable scene, day after day. I was so tired all the time. My body full of aches and pains; I hated the routine, the hiding, planning and all the effort just to maintain my drinking. I hated myself for it. Yet I couldn't stop it. I still remember one moment, a day or so before I finally stopped, sitting in my car and just feeling so unbelievably sad. I had to go to jury duty the next week, and thought I'd better try to be sober for a few days since I had to be sure to be there on time early in the morning. It seems so silly that such a trivial thing was what brought the "tomorrow" I'd been hoping for. But I had 1 day, then 2, then 3, and so on. And I clung to each of those days thinking about how sad and worn out I had become - and hung on. So here I am greeting a new year, 233 days sober.
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