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Readers Respond: Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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Updated September 22, 2012

To: Stevo

Don't punish yourself. That guilt feeling makes you want to drink. You are still a person. Xxx
—Guest Steven

Story of my life, but not today

Today is the day I quit drinking. I have been in and out of rehab but I am telling myself today I can do it. I am going to go to some meetings tomorrow. I just have to much to live for. I spoke with a really nice guy from a treatment center who was also a recovering alcoholic. It was nice because he could relate, unlike the rest of my friends and family. I worry too much, I drink too much and it's over. I'm so done right now. This last binge I had three big bottles in three days. Don't want to lose my job OR my family, and am tired of people thinking I'm crazy. Good luck to everyone and I can say, although I'm just starting back on this journey. Talk to people. You would be surprised how so many people suffer from this.
—Guest Jessica


I am 36 and got placed into a mental institution for the first time. I got out today. Was able to detox while in this mental institution. I have been drinking heavily for 8 months and have learned that when I drink I can become very dangerous and I black out. At this point and time I am fearful if I take another drink I could seriously hurt someone
—Guest Please forgive me

Stop before its too late

Quit binge drinking, rock bottom for that boat was when I went out to the bar, blacked out, came out of a black out 30 miles away at a casino and realized I put $3000 on 1/3rd of a roulette board...lost. (I did not drive,) luckily the only victim was my wallet and my liver this time...not chancing it again
—Guest Dan

Enough !

I'm the life of the party. I drink and start making the jokes, about my wife and family. I'm not a very good person when I drink. My family deserves better, God gave me so much, and I've wasted so much of what he has given me. It is time to let go and let God!
—Guest Tom the drunk !

One day at a time

Ive also got five years and miss my family. But no matter how hard it gets I still dont need or want to drink. I choose not to get numb no more.
—Guest Dawn Di Donna

My drinking

I can't quit. I drink at least 15 drinks per night. I drink at least a 5th and many beers on the weekend. I work hard and make good money but don't have anything to show for it except party and hang over.
—Guest ak

The time has come....

I started drinking after the loss of my both of parents. I actually started drinking during their bout with cancer and being the only one of five kids to take care of them. It didn't develop into a problem until after they passed away. I'd use very excuse to buy a 5th of vodka or tequila. I ended up wrecking relationships, quitting my job and began an endless career burning brides and couch surfing. I eventually ended up moving across the country because of the guilt and shame I bought upon myself. After living in a new state only 3 months. I began drinking heavily gain. Then I met a handsome man and fell in love. Long story short because of my drinking I lost a child at six months pregnant, wrecked my car, got a DUI, and now me and my fiancée are on the verge of splitting up because of me- and as much as I don't want to admit it - it's all MY fault. Period. Drinking ruins your life and the lives of those around you as we'll. I pray for my sanity to stay strong and kick the addiction.
—Guest Dr Jekyll, Ms Hyde

It's an illness

Each time I start again, it doesn't become more manageable. It wasn't until I got into trouble at work that I realized the alcohol was warping my brain. Insane thing about it all, this disease tells you you don't have a disease.
—Guest Baffled

You can do it!

From my experience moderation works. The idea to just stop altogether might be too overwhelming. Why stop something you enjoy completely? I was drinking heavily for 12 years. On my 30th birthday I have decided to have maximum of 2 pints of beer a day. I am 32 now and stuck to my plan. There were some bumps on the way.old friends reunions...but I can honestly say that I feel much better. I enjoy my beer. The amount I drink does not interfere with anything. To me if one suddenly stops for a period of time will experience severe relapses. And if you are a drinker the cravings will never disappear completely. Moderation to me seems more sensible. Got to be very discipline though. You know yourself. Good luck.
—Guest john

I need to stop....

before I get destroyed by it. Why I stop drinking and smoking..... anytime I take alcohol I do cause a lot of damages in the house, until the day I got drunk and got my girl friend beaten and got all her properties burnt. The following day I cried and regretted my actions. She say to me it is over. I stop because I dont want to get someone killed one day.
—Guest stanley

Why I stopped

I was on a two day bender that ended when I woke up on a concrete floor in my basement. I had no idea how I ended up there because like so many times before I had blacked out. It was a low point in my life and I am so ashamed of what I've become. I'm getting control of myself before its too late.
—Guest greenguy

Sick and tired

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have been a binge drinker since I was 13. Quit now for five months now. I feel fantastic!! I live a quiet life style now which sometimes irritates me, but then I think of my next morning waking up to my coffee and feeling fantastic!!! I love my life now! My head is clear and my moods hardly fluctuate .
—Guest Pam

Quitting once and for all

I quit this morning after I woke up in hotel with only a very vague recollection of how I got there. Anything could have happened to me. The feeling of self loathing is incredible. This is just the latest but it is the last
—Guest Done with drinking


I am today 36, married and with two children. I got drunk for the first time at 14, and started drinking regularly at 16. I have had ups and downs regarding drinking, for some time I will drink heavily and get very drunk often, and then I will spend some time just having some drinks per week and getting just a booze. I have quit drinking three times in my life for different reasons and for periods of 9 to 12 months. But I have always gone back to drink. Well I stopped drinking 6 months ago, thinking it would be for good, and up until today it is still very difficult not to grab a beer. I have never considered myself to be an alcohol addict, I am an average drinker in my community, and even people ask me all the time why I stopped drinking since they do not see me having a problem with it. But I have to ask myself, if I am not an addict, why is then so hard to not drink? And why do I crave to have a beer so bad? So right now I am really doubtful about my decision.
—Guest Joel

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Why Did You Decide to Quit Drinking?

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