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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 19, 2014

To: Mary

Hi mary, Thanks for your kind thoughts. I really am happy to hear of the posters' success! I believe you will succeed. It sounds like you are working at it. I do want to be the octogenarian with 30 years sobriety behind me. I think it is healthy and life-affirming to offer support. It's a good thing. I am wishing you the best, mary. I look forward to your posts.
—Guest Big Fish

To all

Not sure if this advice will help anyone but alcohol contains a lot of sugar content, thus the body crash in the middle of night and the anxiety attack that ensues. I had to do a lot of reading to understand that. Now I don't engage with sugar now except through drinking water with some lemon juice added and grapefruits or fruit. No sodas or heavily sugar laden foods. Don't get me wrong because it was the alcohol I was after but now after reading and educating myself a bit realize the sugar content was and is a factor in my ongoing recovery. I looked up and researched morning anxiety and discovered that was part of the equation. I don't know if this will help anyone. I so appreciate reading all your posts now. Keeps me going.
—Guest becky

Hi Posters!

Thank you for your responses! I was overwhelmed xx looks like the majority beckon on abstinence. Catlover and grannyann do you think it's possible to control? I would love to think so but having difficulty when I do start on one night but can stop for days. I try to control but after two usually I know I'm gone. Why do I have to stop? Why can't I just Have a few? Thank you for listing guys!
—Guest Senetimementalchic


Well. I gave in. So I am starting at day one again. I never want to feel like this again. (hungover). I will not drink today. And I can't this weekend because I am babysitting. Thank god. Thank you to all the posters here.
—Guest Won't give in

To; Matty

Hi matty, I go to the coast on weekends and don't have internet access but I will be thinking about you. Like you, whenever I look up symptoms on the internet, I swear I leave the study limping, and that's just for discolored urine!ha ha.. On a serious note, a male friend of mine drank a lot but would never consider himself an alcoholic (he is!), he was diagnosed as diabetic with high blood pressure. He had a very senior job and it scared the life out of him. No sooner did he quit drinking than his blood pressure went back to almost normal and I've never heard him mention diabetes since. Good luck Matty and restrict yourself to this site till you get your results or before you know it, that pimple will be leprosy.
—Guest mary

To: Bigfish

Hi Bigfish, thanks for the support (as always) we can always count on you to acknowledge our successes be they small or large. Everyone on here owes you and others too numerous to name a debt of gratitude. I think it's truly generous and unselfish of you to stay on this site helping others even though it's been two years for you and Robert. I think of it as being like people who attend AA for years, it doesn't matter how far away you get, if you're truly committed, it helps to stay in touch with people starting on the journey to remind yourself of what lies ahead if you falter. I believe that you and many others are 'giving back' for the support you found when you were new to sobriety. I know that if, God willing, I succeed, I will still want to be on this site hopefully helping others to get through what I'm going through. You get out of life what you put in, you're like the mate you might not see for weeks on end but know we'd be there for each other. Best wishes.
—Guest mary


Thinking of you and enjoying your posts. Your weather conditions put a few things in perspective for us all. Take care and keep safe. Hugs to you.
—Guest Dylan

To: Littleone

Well done on 5 days sober. You are taking a big step going to a counselor, well done, it shows real commitment. Take it a day at a time and keep posting, we're all here for you.
—Guest mary

To: Harmony

Hi Harmony, I know it wasn't meant as a joke but I laughed out loud when you wrote that you drank a few each day so that when you really wanted to 'tie one on' your body would be used to it. The things we tell ourselves! I'm guessing we all had some insane logic to justify our drinking. Mine used to be, 'I don't ask anyone else to pay for it, I can afford it, I'm not harming anyone, it's not as if I'm out causing drunken trouble, I work hard all week I deserve it etc;' Truth was, I would say terrible things to people I loved, fall over and hurt myself, wake next day bruised without a clue what had happened. My husband used to say that watching a film with me was like groundhog day, whenever he talked about it I'd have to say, 'remind me about that bit' didn't have a clue what he was on about. I always had to watch most of it again next day! To all the newbees, when you find yourself looking for excuses to have a drink, remember, that's what all alcoholics do to justify our weakness.
—Guest mary

Happy and sober ?

There is much more to life than being sober. Being sober is not much fun unless we can be happy and sober. Happiness should come naturally to us just like it does to a child. Like it did to us when we were children. omgirl wrote earlier "-we receive a free gift each and every day, ours to do with as we please. With each new morning we receive a gift of 86,400 seconds\-" I liked that omgirl, what a lovely thought to start our day. Also today we can be thankful for the good things in our life. Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is not here yet. 86,400 seconds lie before us to work, play, sleep and be happy. So why are my days filled with thoughts of beer from the moment I awake to when I sleep. (not craving as such). Today in my fields, sowing seeds and planting cabbages. Sun shining at peace with the world. Just me and my thoughts of beer. 119 days and they will not go away. Why ? There is much more to life than being sober. Be grateful for our 86,400 seconds. Thanks omgirl, my new mantra
—Guest Dylan


Hello all, and thanks again for your advice. I realize I receive both the time you take to read my posts, and the time you take to respond to me. I even got an 'e-hug' from a kindly poster named ;omgirl. It is so much help to me, and I am grateful to everyone who has posted on this site. I think I learn so much from reading here. Thanks. My withdrawals don't make for great reading. My hands shake. I sweat too much. I fall asleep only near sunrise. Something I've gained from reading the posts- whether they are directed to me,or to others- is that success will take a lot of planning and patience. Good luck to all of you, and the best of luck in all of your plans. I will post again when I've made it two weeks.
—Guest Blackbird

To: Catlover

Yeay for you, seven days! I am so glad that you are finally getting some sleep, it took a lot longer for me so congratulations. Everything seems better after some sleep doesn't it? Catlover, I hope you won't mind me broaching this but you seem to have some pretty ruthless people in your life wanting to take over your finances and marching into your house rooting through your cupboards. Keep going on the abstinence and grow strong so that you can stand up to these people, they are bullying you. Try and tell yourself that if they aren't concerned with hurting your feelings why should you worry about theirs. It is very difficult if you are a people pleaser and find it hard to say no. I am smiling to myself at the thought of us swapping bodies for a day, no-one would be speaking to you when you got back but hell, they wouldn't know what hit them. keep up the good work and practice saying "no thank you" calmly but with authority. These people are hindering your recovery, cut them out.
—Guest mary

To: Littleone

Well done you for seeking help and acknowledging you have a problem. You have made a great start, we are always here for support. Best wishes.
—Guest mary

To: Harmony

Your post today was really uplifting, you are out helping others and your mood comes across as glad to be alive and well. You have a very happy, positive outlook. It must feel wonderful to know you are a valued member of society again. I hope your family are as proud of you as we all are. Best Wishes.
—Guest mary

To: Matty

Hi Matty, are you taking magnesium? I believe bigfish is right to advocate this, it helps with many symptoms. It is very important you eat a healthy diet, I know Dylan is excellent at healthy eating advice. You joke but there probably is something in the fact that you have substituted drink for food in the past. i couldn't be bothered to eat if I was drinking, now I make myself even when I don't feel hungry. You are very wise and brave to see your doctor, nothing is worse than our own imagination. I agree with you about the internet, if we believed all we read we'd be having whip rounds for funerals left right and center. Good luck with the doc, keep us posted AND START EATING! or I'll have to bring you home and fatten you up.
—Guest mary
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