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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Hope

Hope, your struggle with grief really connected with me. I have lost my parents and miss that unconditional love and care that was always unspoken. Lifes tough at the minute and would give anything for a few minutes with them. Anyway, i try and imagine what they would say and respond to me giving alcohol up. Hope they would be proud and that helps. Stay strong.
—Guest Plantpot

To: all

So then it started shakes sweats nausa... couldnt wait for night of hallucinations and insomnia this happened for two days .. great here comes the delerium music and conversations in my head... felt like death.. not worth it remember the times you think ur gonna die
—Guest eric

To: all

So i went on a 5 day binge after quitting a week before. I was feeling so well after getting sober then screwed up again. Anyway got aa motel for a week and proceeded to drink prob 15 beers a day. Wake up Eyes more red than the day before so id put in drops and go to the bar... on foot of course and they new it cause it was acrooss the street so i could get blasted. Long story short on the last night of all this i drak 3 mai tais at the end woke up next day and the cycle that i already had done began. Drink water then puke over and over. Feeling like death i called my gf to go detox at her house where i had done many times before. ore red than the day before.. we
—Guest eric

day 3

Hey everybody. I'm a 25 yr old, 5 yr alcoholic. This isn't the first time ive detoxed but it sure as hell will be my last. Yestersday I was plauged with shakes, sweating, rapid hr, insomnia, and extreme anxiety. I have feared for my life during previous detoxs as a I did/am with this one but my depression/embarassment deters me from seeking medical attention. Today my symptoms have ebbed slightly but I am still experiencing extreme agitation/fatigue and the inability to think clearly. I have been resting, loading up on vits/magnesium and meditating on why I want to live. I feel somewhat safe now and that all I need to heal further is time. I truly appreciate this site and everyone who posts on here. Stay strong and positive. Prayers appreciated.
—Guest hangingonathread28

8 Days

8 days sober and lack of sleep is driving me mad. Only drank heavily for about 4 years but it esculated quickly. Feeling good about the future if only I could sleep!
—Guest Guest987

To: Tashda

Hi Tashda, good to hear from you Hope your holiday wasn't spoiled by your cravings. I know we quit around the same time. Its so hard to keep going but know what you mean about the site keeping you strong. Good to see your post
—Guest Plantpot

Twelve weeks

I have made it twelve weeks sober. Its funny really because I had hoped that it would be a day that I would be feeling fresh as a daisy and full of joy. Instead feel a bit low and realise that all the painful stuff numbed by alcohol still has to be dealt with i.e insecurities and the meaning of life etc. Anyway, no plans to drink again but need to find some positivity from somewhere deep within. If anyone has ideas they would be gratefully recieved. I dont think walk, bath or the likes will do on this occasion. Just want to be content and anxiety free. Actually if I m honest the anxiety thing is a big part of all this. I feel like I spend all my life worrying about something. Anyway , sorry about all the self pity. Will come back and post when my mood lifts. Hope your all fighting and staying strong.
—Guest Plantpot

To: All

Today is the first day for me. Haven't been 24 hours yet and I'm scared to death. Don't know what to expect. I've lied to everyone in my life about my drinking. Now I face asking for help. I don't want to let them down. I want this to work. I'm so afraid. I've damaged relationships and I pray that I can repair what I've done. I've battled depression since my twenties and breaking the cycle of drinking because I'm depressed and being depressed because I'm drinking is going to be tough.

To: hopeful

I hope today has been a bit easier on you. I know how hard it is not to reach for the bottle when you get days that overwhelm you but you know yourself it won't help, it will only make things worse. Grief is something you have to go through to get past it but you can do this and you will be stronger coming out the other end, (((H))) big hugs coming your way. I feel for you.
—Guest Mary

To: Tash Da

Welcome back and congratulations on staying sober on your cruise, a huge achievement, well done.
—Guest Mary

To: Nelly and still in denial

Both of you have said in your posts that you 'don't want to stop'. It's hard enough when you desperately want to quit, no-one or nothing is going to be of help to either of you if you don't desire to stop drinking. You have to REALLY want it to succeed, if you're half-hearted then you're setting yourself up for failure I'm afraid. I don't want to be negative just honest. Try tapering for a week, I'd put money on it that you're back to drinking as much as ever at the end of it.
—Guest Mary

To: Lisard 30

Hi, you are not sleeping when you consume large quantities of alcohol you are passing out, there is a huge difference in the quality. Don't drink and take two benadryl, they are non-addictive hay fever tablets that have the same effect as sleeping tablets. Your sleeping patterns will have been severely disturbed due to drinking so it won't happen quickly, it may take a couple of weeks but you have to ride it out. Eventually you will sleep and it's heaven.
—Guest Mary

To: Igotaclue and tashda

Thank you for your posts. It's very comforting to know I'm not alone in what I'm experiencing. The depths of my grief hit me hard. I thought I had dealt with my losses. But I had just used alcohol to numb the pain. Thank you for your advice and encouragement. Tashda, I'm so happy for you that you made it without drinking. I agree one thing that got me through this weekend was not wanting to have to go through those first days of withdrawl ever again. And I too didn't want to come here and have to admit a relapse. Much love to everyone here.
—Guest hopeful

To: Bernice

Your words really touched me, you bring a wealth of experience to this site and reach out to everyone. Thank you Bernice.
—Guest Mary

21 days

My 4th week sober is starting today; still having headaches and tiredness reminding me it is not a long time ago I gave up the poison. I am still missing a drink in the evening, will it take time to pass, or will it never pass? I keep reading your posts everyday, it keeps me going, it is so helpful to me. What is great is everyone telling me how I look so well. This is worth fighting for sobriety, one day at a time. Staying sober is tough, but it is good to know we are not alone in this daily battle. Finally I realise sadly how alcohol has brought me only misery, failures,..........but it is never too late, life is ahead, we are winning, we want a life, we will get it. For all who are struggling, suffer or dread the withdrawals, we can do this, HARD, but POSSIBLE. Love and hope. This site, I will never say it enough, has saved my life, and has made my family and friends happy; best gift life is giving me again. hugs to all.
—Guest yvan

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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