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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To all

Part 2. I still think about alcohol a lot. The time I lost and the sickness I endured and did to myself. Someone recently posted about memories which I in turn did months ago. It is scary to pick up a life after alcohol and face life sober. My goal is still one day at a time even though I don't attend AA. But its the most important lesson for me. I know from experience I can not take that first drink because I will just want more. I will want that high that leads no where. I have no problem in saying I am an alcoholic though not drinking now. Please get help if you can afford a detox center or go to a clinic if the withdrawal symptoms get to severe. It's not easy. If you do it alone, try and keep some fluids in your body, water or poweraid. And then some soft protein broths to help your body recover. I can't offer as much advice as looking through all the posts here but care very much.
—Guest becky

To: Guest Big Fish

Thank u so much I feel like a cornered rat. Im angry and ready to come out fighting. Sounds like what my brother calls being mindful. in the moment and feeling it and letting it go. he is a drug and alcohol counselor but is very judgmental of me? wish i could talk to u face to face. Your awesome and so kind and non judgmental.
—Guest Cherylgeyer

To all

There are so many new posters that I am not sure how to address you all. I know there are many people better that than I am. But rest assured I read your post and sympathize with those in withdrawal in the beginning stages and even those further along. It just simply is not easy. I too thought I never could make it past the throwing up in the morning and sweats and insomnia. It caused my downfall a couple of times. For weeks afterward I was nervous and anxious and did not experience the post alcohol withdrawal high some people have here. For me its been a very slow but steady progress. Thank you to Bigfish,Mary and Hope 1962 for always being here. There is no easy way around quitting alcohol and I feel the pain of those who are trying. It is hard and no one can diminish the personal struggle. But the other side is someday waking up finding a new way to live. Even if it means not going to find a bottle in the morning and thinking of something else. I do still think about alcohol a lot.m
—Guest becky

To: For.real

It's great to know you are lurking :) and doing well. I really appreciate hearing from people who don't post often. Love and hope
—Guest hope 1962

To: Ann82

Don't belittle your accomplishment 10 days is a great start. Don't worry about how long you can keep it up, you can only not drink/drink right now today. I know it is hard to put people off but right now early in your sobriety avoid situations that might put you at risk. Tell the truth you can't drink because it makes you sick, you don't have to provide specifics. You are doing well stay at it. Not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962


I have tried so many, many times to quit drinking, this is so hard. The itching, twitching, sweating, tremors, shakes, etc. are horrible. I am so dizzy. I broke down and poured myself a glass of wine just to calm down and avoid a massive panic attack. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and what better gift would it be than to be sober and stay sober for him and the kids. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. But I get so scared and anxious when I try to quit. The longest I have made it is 5 days and I felt wonderful, then it was Friday, and I drank.....STUPID! I gotta get a hold on this poison, I want to be happy and energetic again and alcohol free.
—Guest fighting123

Thank you all

I just started on the path I should have been on yrs ago, day 2. Day 1 bad with shakes, sweats, no sleep and nausia. But to be expected. I had a dui back in '94 that should have woke me up, but had no incidents after that. I work on boats for extended period of times, up to 2mth. Last Oct I was out for 2 mths but even though beer was available I didn't drink a drop but once back on shore the party starts and I'm back to where I started. Things increased a year ago aug when I got hurt at work and started self medicating but still didn't drink on the boats. Then I was laid off last june and guess I had to much time available. I got up to 2 of the big bottles of wine a day. Hopefully this will be it. Thank you for all your stories and experiences. I just found the site yesterday and have been through ~2000 of your messages. Finding them helpful.
—Guest boatparty

To Mary, Big Fish, Hope and everyone

Thank you all for your kind wishes and thoughts. You guys are the catalyst that holds this site together and we all thank you for it! God Bless
—Guest robert1952

To All

Last week I ran into a guy I went through out patient treatment with. He had a six pack of beer under his arm. And while my heart broke for him, I remembered that drinking is a choice, just as recovery is. I am not a big twelve step person. The only time I was "powerless" over alcohol was when I was drunk. When I made the "choice" to quit drinking, I had all the power I needed to defeat it even though I couldn't see it that way at the time. Every time the addiction says "you can't do this", let your mind say "yes I can". Your own mind, I believe, is the best weapon you have to beat this or any addiction. After going through a medical detox, three times, I went to one on one therapy to figure out why I needed the alcohol. Resolving those issues is a big reason I have been sober over two years now. I had tried many, many times to quit. Always looking elsewhere for the answer to sobriety. I finally found it when I looked in my own head. God Bless
—Guest robert1952

To: Becky

Hi becky, I love that you went on that trip! Awesome! It's a process. Keep going. Me too! I am looking forward to your next post. Hugs.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Hope1962

Hi hope, Many of my family are ministers. I have been a church secretary and taught kid's Sunday school. I guess it rubbed off on me. ha ha I was raised that men are the ministers. However, I do have a successful girl cousin who is a minister. I'm not a minister. And yet it does feel like a ministry here. Thank you. I'm a recovering alcoholic. Anything I can do to raise awareness, I'm gonna do. I can't see any reason not to. If you want to hear a phenomenal minister, get the audio of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. The Power of Positive Thinking. I've got a new one too. Andy Stanley. I saw him on tv, but he's got a website. I highly recommend them both. They have real-life messages. I started taking clothes to the homeless people, it has really snowballed. This will be the 3rd week in a row to take big bags. I love it! P.S. to BaggyG my being in ICU was not about alcohol.
—Guest Big Fish

To: 2mrwnvrcms

Hopefully you are through the worst for many day 4 is the peak. Hang in there yes I wanted to isolate myself and was very irritable getting started but that should pass. Don't let your mind convince you on any variation of "one is ok" it's not. You need to stay away, you begin to think more clearly as time passes. Not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To; Scared straight

Good luck with detox. Having a supportive family is helpful, but you are the one who will do this. When you get back come straight here. We will support you. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: CherylGeyer911

Welcome back. Don't be ashamed what you are doing is hard. Hang in there and keep coming back. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: Tiffany

Welcome, hang in there, the start is hard, confusion is part of it. It will get better pretty quickly. Not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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