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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Its not easy

I'm going through changes that i couldn't imagine. Clammy, dry rash like skin on the face. Stomach pains, anxiety, and I'm short tempered. I'm almost on the way to starting a path of sobriety. Its been 5 days and i don't have a drinking problem. Who are you kidding. I DO have a problem and I'm going to fix it. Its me and me alone. No one is going to bring me down. I'm sick and tired of the same out come from drinking. That shitty feeling in the morning when you regret what you've done. It stops now and it stops today. I feel better already after 5 days even without the sleep. Its not going to be easy and no one said it would. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is INSANE. Time to run!
—Guest Its not easy

To: all

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference." This is my daily thought.

To First timer

No matter how long we have been sober, relapsing is the new devil looking down on us; I had my own experience those last weeks of nasty cravings, but a urge passes shortly, and we know the first drink most of the time leads to painful recovery. Relapsing, well, all problems remain, so, 100 times better fighting with a clear head even if we feel bad; at least, I could talk, shared, got some help. Relapsing for me would have been isolating myself from all, living in my own world, lonely and scared. I had to remind me this constantly when I had to fight the cravings. Fighting against the voice telling you, you can have a drink and saying NO once for all, brings me now a huge satisfaction. I know my determination, I have learnt about myself, I can be strong, I am strong, another side of me I didn't remember. You can do it. Don't be scared, be proud you are changing your life for the better. That feeling is a huge strength, it makes fears go away. Keep posting, you are not alone. Hugs.
—Guest Yvan

To: Yvan

7 months is a hard month, It was for me also. It is one month over a half of year of hard work and self learning. It is one month towards a year for your rebirth and there is no turning back now. I shed those tears in relief of leaving my old tired painful life. It was a month I was tired and needed to rest, to take in who I have become. To understand what is needed to stay sober is to give up the fight with alcohol. If there is no fight there is no cravings or want for alcohol. Now is the time to relax and enjoy everything. Each day is a learning day for me and I hope it never ends. I have learned forgiveness, and have become humble and non judgmental. I have also learned respect for drugs and alcohol and what it can do to me. It made me powerless and that is something I will never let happen again. The power is in all of us not in the addiction if we just remember the horror it causes. Congrats to you and enjoy your journey and thank you for your kind words. Hugs Clue

4 days no beer

I remember my first drink. I was 12 and the older brother sneaked me a glass of champagne on new years eve. I've been hooked ever since. My last five years have been 6-12 beers a night, sometimes binge and get a case down. Both my parents are alcoholics of the hard liquor variety. Two weeks ago my father had a heart attack. Once I knew he was going to pull through I went on a very bad five day binge where I spent about $500 on booze and liquor to drink at the house. I would pass out on the front porch every day for the world to see. I decided five days ago no more alcohol or cigarettes are going to control my life anymore! I haven't ate or slept much, I get headaches when I try to sleep and my hands shake.. I just want the sleep! Don't worry folks, I found this website-we all found it-cause I never want to drink again. Withdrawals, throw your best at me cause I control my life now!! :)
—Guest Chris

4 days no beer

I can't sleep! Any help? I quit cold turkey 4 days ago after ten years of between 6 and 12 beers a night.
—Guest Chris

To IGOTACLUE re think about it. tapering

I did think long and hard. Had tried so hard. Today planned cold turkey blew it so will have 6. Tried 4 and it felt just as bad as cold turkey. I've been a mess so jumped to 6. Tomorrow will do 6 cuz hubby busy Friday and don't want to be alone. If not Friday. Whenever he gets his thing done. I showed him your post. He was ecstatic. He agrees with you. Alcoholics need cold turkey detox or outpatient..that's me. He will also take all my pills and get me back on track.I'm forgetting them so added withdrawal. We both thank you and soon hope to be well. After a week plus of. H. THIS TIME HE IS REALLY DUMPING ALL BEER when the day comes. Your insight was great. Did hurt at the time but was trying so hard. I can't do it. I'm an alcoholic. Thank you for the post. LOL I THOUGHT. I thought a lot. It actually in some sense gave me a feeling of relief. Thank you so much. I hope a lot of tapers read too. Pretty much a a great message for all. Barb
—Guest Barb

30 days to go!

Today will be only 30 days to go to one year of being sober! Never ever did I think life could hand me such gifts. It is like I woke up and am in the land of Oz. I received a heart and a brain and the courage I need to really care about myself. There is no place like home and that home is within myself. It is good to be back. There is no want to drink, no pain or suffering. All that is left is a bad memory of the shadow of the person I once was and said goodbye to. I have stepped into the sunshine and so love the warmth. Come join me don't be afraid, it only hurts for a little while I promise. Love Clue.

My Story

I feel the same way live alone, out of boredom and loneliness I drink. Tried to stop but feel horrible. Cut down but still drink. I know exactly how you are feeling. Hope the best for you.
—Guest Danielle

To Christina

You words brought tears to my eyes. Everything you said is what I am feeling. I am so glad I am not alone, this thing they call alcohol is SICK....I wish it never existed. I am still in my fight for sobriety, but your post was a bit of a wake up call of just how my life is....I wish you the best to stay sober, please pray for me.
—Guest Fighting123


A friend of mine has been tapering for 2 months, from 2 bottles of wine a day, she's managed to go down to 1, but still some days back to 2, we know! She is planing to go down to 1/2 a bottle soon! The "funny" thing is, she always talks about being healthy! I don't know if she will read this post, just want to say: come on, stop talking, start acting, put the bloody bottle down, stop lying! Is sobriety you goal? Please, please, we can help you, you are not alone, stop making your loved ones suffer. The poison is killing you, not sure you'll be there for Christmas. It breaks my heart, God help her, went already to the funerals of a friend of mine, same age as me, 55, 2 bottles a day, she died of a heart attack, liver failure. Alcoholics, we are selfish, another terrible side from that poison. We lie, only being sober makes us being ourselves again, and it is amazing to be oneself. Mother, you have children, they need you for Christmas, the most beautiful gift you can give them.
—Guest Yvan

To: Australia

Great thing you did for yourself. I am so happy when I see people making it through that first few weeks. It takes so much courage. I think mostly courage to face the pain and suffering that comes along with the withdrawals. It is good that you are taking some time from everything to rest and focus on yourself. In a few months you will be a brand new person excited to live life with out drinking. Hugs to you!

To: First time

I had to remember that even what I wanted may not come as easy or fast as I wanted. Your choice to not want to drink is a good start. I am sure many wake up every morning saying today is the day. If it is not today then tomorrow may just be. When your done drinking your done. We have to come to that choice on our own. It truly is a hard one to make. Keep trying and keep telling yourself I can do better next time. Reach out for help where ever you can and in doing that you will find more strength, I did and I am not wonder woman. I wondered what kind of woman I am though and have found out I am pretty amazing. You are too!!!! Keep trying!

Dear Barb

I am sorry if I hurt you. I am sure that there are Alcoholics that can tapper off. I meant, very big drinker tapering off usually finds the lack of strength to drink less when the withdrawals hit hard hence we keep drinking but not as much. The warning about going to the doctors and getting pills was meant to point out that our will power is very poor. Supervision is needed. I understand being locked in a safe place and not wanting to get help because of fears. It takes a lot of courage to do what we do. If you can control the tapering then you can have the will power to quit. That is awesome and not a bad thing. What convinced me I was strong enough was just getting through the withdrawals. Don't give up, if you really want it bad enough it will happen. Again I am sorry if I made you think you have no other options than to drink. Barb there is AA meetings on line that I used to get support. Many had much worse drinking problems than I did. They gave me hope.

To: First Timer

You didn't fail you relapsed. Oh so common. I just don't quit trying. Hope drs went well. Maybe just need short meds to help. Its more than willpower. Look to inner strength too. Also do you have family to tell or a good friend. They will be PROUD OF YOU. also having someone with you for 4-5 days can help.I go cold T tomorrow and yes I'm scared. Have done before but husband here for me.I make sure. 7 days is good. Don't quit quitting. Ever. Its scary yes but you are on the right road.Don't fear ridicule when quitting. Fear it when drinking. Keep trying. Stop the worry over others judgment. You need support not being scared to death alone. Trying to get off this stuff is awful. i will be thinking of you. All the best wishes I have I'm sending. Hope to see another post soon. You are at the right place here. So many people to help you. Hope you've already tried to quit again. Keep trying.:-)
—Guest Barb

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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