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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Mary

Thank you for the response. My doc told me it was from anxiety, but I also had abnormal liver function results from my blood work. It was also related to a bad Gall Bladder I just had removed, and now my liver enzymes are normal. I still think you are right, because the itching is always in the morning/early afternoon until I start drinking and then it subsides. All the more reason to quit, these feels are enough to drive me insane. Please pray for me, I need to kick this poison. God Bless.
—Guest Fighting123

To: ActiveNoMore

Thanks good to see a post from you as always. Valium is really not much different than alcohol as far as withdrawals go, it just lasts forever. An unending taper like going down a stair at a time waiting on each step for two weeks. Yes the make 2mg but since it stays in the body 80-120 hrs a 5 ever other day is the same as a 2 everyday. I'm trying to force the issue and am at 5 mg every third day in a week or two I hope to be able to walk away. Thanks you have been here since my start.
—Guest hope1962

To: Harmony

Thanks and congrats on 6mths. When I feel like drinking I start reading posts. You have a lot of time to do it when your not sleeping. Most of my family has beat this thing so I keep that in mind as well. Both my grandfathers were (they beat it and died in their 70's), my uncle died of it around 50 and my dad still says he's in recovery. He's 30+ years sober and can sit there fine (at least I think so) during holidays and the like while the rest of the family is drinking. He even make wine runs for my mom. She's a 1 or 2 glass a night girl and no more. I really think this is genetic, at least for me. I haven't told them I'm doing this yet. They live 1000 miles away and don't want them to worry. Given the opportunity it attacked, well I let it.
—Guest boatpart

To: Harmony & hope1962

I am on anti anxiety meds and started drinking years ago to self medicate because they just didnt seem to work. I'm still on them, but when I try to quit, the side effects of not drinking throw me into attacks. I used to run every day and I'm wondering if that may be my cure. Keep my mind occupied, get some energy back and just get busy every time I want a drink. 2 weeks ago I went 5 days without one drink, but after I picked up again, it seems even harder this time. I feel like I am going to lose my mind. I see a counselor and she is amazing, but not often enough. I have tried AA and it did help, but not for long. I know I can do this, I am a strong willed person when I want something. I just need to get this poison out of my house and stick to the Gatorades. I just have to remember to keep my feet on the ground, and stay in the moment. Thank you all for your support, I NEED to do this, I have to for myself and my family. Love to you all, and I will definitely keep posting.
—Guest Fighting123

To: becky

If I drink anymore water and juice I'll bust. Peeing all the time, just concerned that when I wasn't keeping anything down that I'm flushing all the vitamins and minerals out of my system. Life on the boats can be challeging, 12 hrs on 12 off for sometimes mth or 2 locked in with various personality types. It can test what you can put up with but their usually a good bunch of characters, practical jokers. And I've gotten to see parts of the world I never thought I would.
—Guest boatparty

To: Mary / wontgivein

I read that high achievers tend to have an attitude that this can't happen to me,I'm smarter than that but this crosses all ages, races and intellegence levels. It got me and I have a masters in geophysical oceanography, trust me no small task, so I probably considered it couldn't happen to me. It did. Probably most out of boredom since I only work 6 mths out of the yr and are home the rest. I wasn't hurting anyone but me, single and no immediate family around. With traveling so much you loose contact with friends, a lot are also moving for new jobs in this economy. So I drank ususlly only at home when I wasn't going anywhere so it just kept increasing. Day 3 now, finally got food down yesterday, slep is still a problem and a little hand shaking. Go for the suggested vitamins today and food. One site suggested vitamin A watch that, its toxic at high levels.
—Guest partyboat

To: hope1962

Hi hope. Kudos on the valium withdrawal! From what I hear it's very difficult; more so than alcohol. Don't they have 2mg tablets? Maybe you could drop from 5 to 2mg. Or maybe at this point it doesn't really make much difference - just a thought I had. Anyhow, good going.

To: Daddytbone

Hi there. I remember your name from my early days here. Glad to see you are still with it! If you can, please post and let people know some of the things you did to make it as far as you have.

To: Mary

2mrwnvrcms = "Tomorrow never comes" (At least that's how I interpreted it). That's how I lived my life when drinking - always telling myself, "tomorrow I'll stop", and tomorrow would never come. Although it did eventually, thank God. Tomorrow came for you, too, and it seems like you are doing wonderfully.

To: Mary - re. "nightmare user name"

Tomorrow never comes. (But not sure what's the underlying sentiment there, either.) Best to all.

To: Mary

I know the name is horrible! Thing is I came up with it months ago when I was drunk and posted once, but I dont think it was on this site, go figure, anyway, can I just change it? Im a techno dummy! I will type something else in and see what happens. Day 5 and have the shakes and thoughts of beer, will do my best to fight that. I appreciate all your wise words and the wise words of so many here, it really does help!
—Guest 2mrwnvrcms

To: Boatparty

Welcome you are in the right place and on the right path, reading the old posts will help. Let us know how it goes. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: All

Read an amusing article in the paper this week, just thought I'd share. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was visiting France. At immigration she was asked "occupation" and replied "no, just visiting for a few days. LOL (perhaps it's just me!)
—Guest Mary

To: Fighting123

Have you talked to your Dr about a short course of anti anxiety meds to get you through the first two weeks? Keep trying, you know not this drink not today. Love and hope
—Guest hope1962

To: All

I decided to try to quit drinking last sunday, Im now on day 5! I didnt tell my kids or husband, i didnt want to let them down if I couldnt stop, however, I dont think they have noticed, if they have they arent saying anything. anyway...it is what it is I guess. Still having cravings and thinking alot about drinking but I havent given in. Im so exhausted though, and nauseated, I would probably get sick if I had a drink. I have noticed the cravings for sugar, raw sugar snap peas take the edge off that, for me anyway. Im grateful for this site as I haven't been brave enough to talk with family about all this. I know I will when I'm feeling stronger and a bit more confident. thanks to all the posters, knowing we are not alone is a comfort.
—Guest 2mrwnvrcms

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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