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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Catlover

Take care of yourself, I wish I could lift your burdens off you and give you a real break, I hate knowing you are struggling and being unable to help in a practical way. Please keep up the fight, you have far too much to give to lose it to alcohol. What life did you envisage for yourself as a gifted young adult, you can still be that person but accept that the goalposts have moved. Please take care Catlover.
—Guest mary

Off again

I'm off to London today for a few days to see my son. Catch up with you all on Tuesday, take care and be strong. Love to you all.
—Guest mary

To: Blackbird

You are so welcome. Be proud that you are trying because eventually you will succeed. Try not buying drink but rather than drive yourself nuts thinking you can't drink, make a note of the nearest shop selling booze that's open the latest, then your mind will stop stressing. As the closing time approaches, I found it was so late it wasn't worth spoiling another day for and stopped stressing. This is hard but the further away you get the easier it will be. Loved your comments about being a man. I used to think Hope was a female (sorry Hope) and it came as quite a shock when he said he was the eldest son. I had to totally re-create him in my mind lol. Be well and stay strong, just being here shows you have what it takes.
—Guest mary

To: Becky

Having a new haircut is a big deal for a woman, it symbolizes fresh beginnings. I did exactly the same when my abstinence reached a month, it was as though for the first time I thought, "I can do this". Everyone commented on how different I looked and I felt that externally was now starting to catch up on how different I felt inside after ditching the booze. Reaching out a big hug to you today and I also feel that Hope's advice was really good, worry about things one at a time. You are a powerhouse to have come so far, even getting to the interview stage is a huge achievement with unemployment as it is so you must be quite impressive. Go get 'em girl.
—Guest mary


OOps Sorry Mate. I did get the gender totally wrong but you made me laugh at your response to me. Hang in their my friend as it seems we are at about the same stage as each other. I keep trying to stop and think this is it! a bottle of wine later i am beating myself up mentally and feeling like something the cat has dragged in. i still think for me baby steps and watch and learn the triggers and then try and avoid them. Good luck for you on your journey and Noo I definitely wont call you a Girl ! lol
—Guest aussiechic

Re: with any addiction

Hello there. I'm glad you like that post. You are welcome, friend. I do believe environment helps. Sitting in a clean and fresh-smelling room is more life-affirming than a dirty messy one. Get all the senses involved. Good for you getting that haircut. Confidence is knowing. You will know your hair looks well cared for. It should give you a little boost. Just the fact that you are thinking along the lines of self-improvement is good. Positive thoughts. First you change your mind, that will change your choices and then your life will change. Your post isn't signed but I do believe it is dear becky. You've come a long way since last year. Keep going! Hugs to you! ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

To : Sterling

Just want you to know you, your post once again inspired me. I do not believe anyone relapses. We are where we are. " keep on rockin in the free world" x
—Guest Sentementalchic

To: Sterling

Hi sterling, I just wanted you to know I felt the same way in AA ( in relapsing ) I couldn't get better until I left. Now sober 8 yrs for me. I had to find myself! Some real crazy people there! Glad you found you too! Keep going friend.
—Guest Billy

To Fighting123

Thank you for the shout and keep on fighting! Sobriety is so worth the struggle and I know you can do it, we all can! There is such good support and advise here on this site. Hope 1962 words to you were so on. Please stay sober, Fighting, you will receive your own little "choo-choo's" for it! Take care.
—Guest robert1952


I am struggling to stay off the booze for more than a week. I keep giving in to that stupid voice "buy a drink". I've just came off a four day drinking session and have drank enough for eight people. I feel really guilty and was put off AA by what was probably an innocent comment but I took it badly. I wish it would all just go away, but I also realise that this is an illness and I need to put an end to drinking. I'm going to lose everything including a loving wife who must have the patience of a saint! Day 1 alcohol free was terrible. But I got through it! And hope things become easier through time.
—Guest Always


Been there, and actually am exactly where you are right now. Last year all I needed was 48 hours and i got through it until I screwed up after two months of feeling great. Never going back after this. Scared, but tired of feeling so bad. Tomorrow is my lucky day - don't have choices anymore. Hang in there.
—Guest enough

Never want to go back there

Sorry to be posting so much now. My life is changing so quickly now as a result of my sobriety. I think my low self esteem from the result of how sick I was from the addiction sometimes keeps me away from appreciating how far I have come.
—Guest becky

To: hope1962

Hi, I have read your posts. Thank you for what you wrote. I have lots of family troubles at the moment. I can't yet learn to laugh at my mistakes, but I promise to try. I feel grateful thatI have someplace where I can talk. You helped me. Thank you! I love all the people here because they helpme with a problem I am soashamed of and don't know how to fix yet. Thank you!
—Guest Blackbird

To: Mary

Hi, Thank you for writing to me. I am upset because I have been unable to stop. I think I must be so insane because I have a lovely wife and 2 beautiful girls. How could a person with so much be so ...nuts? My drinking has to stop, only I don't know how? I am just starting to really get one idea from the people who write me. Maybe I don't need to keep feeling bad? Maybe I can imagine the kind of life I wanted, and that without alcohol I can pursue that? You are really kind to others. Thank you for being kind to me.
—Guest Blackbird

To: Big Fish

I am so grateful for this site. I tried AA and it just didn't work, it stressed me out more and made me want to drink more, weird I know, but I've heard that's common for those of us who are hard headed..lol On day 2, hanging by a thread, but I'm sick of struggling. This is NOT an easy addiction to overcome, but I have to for my family and kids.
—Guest Fighting123

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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