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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To: Grateful E

It gets better by the time you see this, I hope you are on the good side of four days. For many people that is when the physical stuff begins to get better. Hang in there it sounds like you have a supportive husband and that should be a big help. Love and hope

To: Robert1952

That is great news. Sounds like the pieces of your life are coming back together for you. You are an inspiration here. Love and hope

Start Living

YES, I too struggle very hard with the idea of my life without wine. Some people I know can handle a glass or two every once in awhile after they have some sobriety, but others cannot. I have 4 young children as well and can't imagine going to their wedding without a glass of wine. But, take this one day at a time, you can't look into the future or it will drive you insane. I have learned that from doing that, it stresses you out even more and makes you want to drink more. Good luck to you, stay busy, and drinking some sparkling grape soda from the wine like bottle to trick your mind. Alcohol is very sneaky, and there are ways to beat that devil on your shoulder. Good luck to you.
—Guest Fighting123

To: Beesandpeas

Hi beesandpeas (funny name). You are not trying to throw anything away. The alcohol is affecting your brain. It is a result of drinking. Your body gets used to it. Craves it. You can beat this! Try urge surfing. The further you get away from the alcohol, the less the urge will be. Best to you dear. You have to fight it.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Activenomore

Dear activenomore, One Year for you! Whoo hoo hoo! You know I am so happy for you! You are right it is still gonna get better and better. I got a kick out of that entree' analogy. Great job!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Wholenuworld

Hello there! 37 days you say! Whoo Hoo! That sounds great! I am tickled pink to read that! Being present is a present to ourselves and others. Life is now. Sounds great to me dear. It's gonna get so much better too! I just went thru all the winter clothes and taking some to the church. The laundry area is fresh and shiny! Hugs.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Facinguptoit

Hi Facinguptoit, You are welcome for the post. I'm glad to hear you are still going strong! It will get easier. When I was 2 wks sober, I had such bad headaches, I went to the dr and got prednisone and guiffenisen. These fixed me up! Also I had bad abdominal cramping too. It is probably gas cramps from constipation. Glycerin suppositories saved me. Only $4. at grocery/drug store. Also laxatives and stool softener. A lot of people seem to have this as a withdrawal symptom. Not as much liquid in the bowels as before when drinking. Eat high fiber foods regularly and it will get you straightened out. I love benefiber powder in drinks too. You sound like you are doing great to me! Good job! ( - :
—Guest Big Fish

To: Robert1952

Dear robert, Whoo Hoo! Excellent news about your health! I am so happy for you dear friend. My heart and prayers are with you. I am glad you told us. Thanks for sharing. I am at the point of thinking about love and romance. Something I did not think about last year for sure. I hope your special lady can see what we here do. You are lovely. I came across an old photo of myself from years ago, when I was at my very best. I thought "Hey, I know that girl!" I can see myself being her more each day. Sobriety rocks! I thank God for sobriety and you posters.
—Guest Big Fish

To: Isabel

Hi Isabel, 14 days! That's great! It takes time to learn how to manage your emotions. I was using alcohol to cope with mine. Exercise helps me so much! I had panic attacks. Google urge surfing. It is a great method of managing stress. It will get easier the further away from the alcohol you get. The sobriety you have now is not as sweet as the sobriety ahead of you. Good job!
—Guest Big Fish

To: Robert

I'm so glad that you are in remission, enjoy NY and hope everything works out for you and "the love of your life," You deserve it. She must be thrilled at how you've taken your life back, I hope she decides to give it another chance.
—Guest mary

To: Grannyann

I just ordered flowers for Mothers Day for my Mom who today called me a drunk. I take care of a dementia patient. Today I cut one of my dogs toenails too short and it bled so of course I had to drink' I always think of you. I wish that I could talk to you. I am sitting here with a Steinway Grand and incredible art.
—Guest catlover

To: Robert1952

Hi, I was happy for you when I read your post. I am so pleased to see that you are beating the cancer along with the alcohol. Like a lot of people here, I am struggling, but trying to learn my way to get better. When I read posts from you I realize that people do overcome alcohol. I'm sure you inspire a lot of others, too. Be well, and enjoy your time in NY.
—Guest Blackbird

To robert1952

Remission, that is awesome. I'm crying happy for you. You have your family, life and sobriety, so happy for you.
—Guest workingonsobriety

Scared yet determined

I realize this is no easy task. I am in my thirties and just now have decided to quit. Today is day 14 and I am not sleeping right I snap at everyone
—Guest Isabel

To Beesandpeas

You ask a very good question. I definitely struggled with the permanency of sobriety. In my early days of fighting for sobriety, the idea of never having alcohol again ever was a staggering proposal. I loved the idea of a glass of wine with dinner. I loved the idea of celebrating with a drink. The idea of never drinking again EVER was a lot to bear. I felt cheated by life. I looked at people who could drink a single glass of wine with dinner and was jealous. I think in time the understanding that I cannot drink evolved. With that evolution, I came to be grateful that I am sober and I only rarely feel cheated or jealous. I think that yearn passes with time. It will pass for you as well. Best wishes.
—Guest Sterling

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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