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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 19, 2014

To Mary

Hi, Thanks always for the encouragement. Your insight is pretty good, but not spot on. I am married, and live with my wife and two kids. Sometimes, I do feel alone because they usually use Mandarin at home. I can use the language, but not well enough that I can always be a part of their conversations. Yes, they all speak English. I love them, and all of that is good. 'Family two' is my business. I have some good employees. This May 30th marks the 5 year point. In Canada, where I am from, I've read that a third of businesses fail in the first five years. I get to call myself a 'successful entrepreneur' in 3 weeks. I am so excited, and want to make it better by being sober. The family I am from is the one that makes me feel alone. My father suffered a stroke that nearly killed him. He is in a nursing home. One brother thinks he should be allowed to die. The other is convinced a recovery will occur. They fight, and hurt my mother with it. I need to be here. I wish I could be there.
—Guest Blackbird

To: Gray

It is really tough to be around family members that continue to drink. Especially this early in your journey. I wish I had some great words of advice. Hang onto what you have achieved and move forward. Love and hope

To all

Hi, First, to workingonsobriety, I think I had much better control over my emotions before my drinking worsened. I think about them in a different way when I am sober. I was in the supermarket today. It is open 24/7, and of course, it sells beer. I've written that I keep taking steps backward, but I know from my calendar that I have been sober a lot. I reflected on it a lot, and decided I could feel good about that. When I was in the shop, a little voice in my mind said, 'There's the beer. Good luck staying away.' At first, I felt very unhappy. Then I was surprised at how angry I felt. If anyone in my life spoke that way, I'd confront them. I wasn't having audio hallucinations. I just realize I don't always speak well to myself. Idon't know how to fix that. Maybe I should give the voice a name, so I can smart mouth it right back? Lol! I'm glad you aren't beating yourself up, and I hope you are getting stronger. You know, I loved that dizzy game, too. Be well!
—Guest Blackbird

To: Becky

Good luck finding the interview outfit. Draw on the incredible accomplishments you have achieved this year. You are a STRONG woman use that strength to convey confidence and competence during your interview. I'm praying for you and am thankful you are present here. Love and hope

To: Melov

It sounds like you are at the point where you are drinking to avoid withdrawls? If you can control your drinking at all start drinking a little less each day, try to start one hour later, drink something nonalcoholic between drinks, dilute each drink and drink it as slow as you can. If you can't control your drinking at all, please get some help talk to a Dr or find treatment. You are young enough to recover and have a good life. If you keep drinking in the way you describe Alcohol will steal everything from you. Love and hope

To: Facinguptoit

I thought I replied to you yesterday, must have not managed to hit submit. The first days are really hard but you are doing the right thing. It is great that your husband is supporting you. Stay with it Not this drink not today and it gets better. Love and hope

To: Fighting123

Good to see you still fighting back and passing on your hard won lessons. Love and hope

To: grannyann

Don't write yourself off. What's right for anyone who is concerned about how much they drink is the same at any age. Stop drinking, it doesn't have to be a forever thing. Commit to 30 days at that point assess am I better off? If so commit to 60 or 90, reassess. If you want to try moderate drinking at that point, try it. I think most of us really can't, but I sure am not here to tell anyone what to do. Rather to support people who are trying to change their drinking habits, you included. You have shown yourself to be a caring person and I'm sure your kids and grandkids are blessed to have you in their lives. Love and hope

Day 18

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. My dad is an alcoholic. They have no idea I am sober the big test.
—Guest Gray

To: Activenomore

A whole year, that is an amazing achievement and so inspiring. You must have really wanted to quit as do I, that is what's so inspiring about this site, we get to mark each others' landmarks and think "it really can be done." If you truly want it.
—Guest mary

To: Hope 1962

I loved your analogy of alcohol being like a crazy ex-lover, it was so apt, we are drawn to it even though we know it means us harm. You always hit the nail on the head. Take care.
—Guest mary

To all

Thank you all so much for your support from the beginning to where I am now for the the reminders and what it takes to get sober. I got my haircut and tomorrow find clothes for knuckle interview for appropriate clothes. I do have anxiety and some fear but know its all good for me to get to another stage even if I don't get the job. I don't have a desire to drink now as I want to be clean-minded to be prepared. But aware I my mind still has trouble focusing at times and I do still have days of tiredness. Something before I was drinking I didn't experience. I recognize so clearly I am still a recovering alcoholic. I do try hard now to stay in touch with friends and family who still don't know about my addiction. I don't know if its healthy to keep it to myself but except for this website and one close friend who I told after I had gone through withdrawal. There are no easy answers in being an addict and recovery except stay away from it and you will get better. Thank you all
—Guest becky

To: Blackbird

Oh hun, don't beat yourself up. You are so not rude. I wasn't offended. Your post that time reminded me of a post I made that sounded very similar to yours. People responded with such compassion and I wanted to pay that forward...and you DO inspire people. Im currently using now but I'm not beating myself up as badly. I realise Im keeping the insanity alive inside and only I can stop it. I was thinking about when i was 3. I used to spin around until I fell down. Sometimes it hurt but I kept doing it...insane at the age of 3. :). Take care Blackbird and no worries.
—Guest workingonsobriety

Don't have hope

I don't know what to do. I've started to drInk during the day alone in my car so my wife doesn't find out. I feel I need it just to fill normal. Bottle a day and don't even feel drunk! What is a food way to stop? I'm drinking now. Because I felt so nauseous. Feel guilty for laying and stolid for coming this far. I'm 30 years old and very scare of myself.
—Guest Melov

Tough withdrawal symptoms

I've been sober for a few years. But i think for me my toughest withdrawal symptom was the mood swings,and craving sweets.
—Guest larissa c
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