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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated April 10, 2014

To All

I everyone, my last blood tests indicated that I am in full remission! So now we are starting to back off the steroids, to see if I can stay in remission. Still have to take the chemo though, sob...sob....lol..still have my hair! I am writing this post from NY. I live in MN and came out here to visit the "love of my life", who came back here to be closer to her family since I didn't give her enough reason to stay in MN, all because of my drinking. 14 years we were together. I can not tell you what sobriety means to me. It has brought my daughters and grandsons back to me and now the woman I have loved for so many years. I am just going to stay here for a bit, since my daughter and grandsons still need me at home.I made the choice to close the door on alcohol. And the door that opened up. I am walking right through it! I just wanted to say "hi" to all of you and hoping that you all can experience the rewards of sobriety as I have. God Bless.
—Guest Robert1952

To: Mary

Just read your post to Blackbird, where you had me gender confused LOL. I've done it in reverse a # of times on this site myself. Reality we are all people struggling with alcohol. Love and hope


Just wanted to thank you for your kind responses to my post. I haven't had anything to drink for four days now, still feeling pretty crappy but better about myself. I've had a nonstop headache and last night had abdominal cramps and couldn't sleep. Still not certain this is alcohol-related, but I don't suppose it matters. My husband is away on business, and I had a long online chat with him about it yesterday (easier than face to face!) He was so supportive, though he said he'd never thought I had a problem ( I hardly ever get noticeably tipsy). He said that if it worried me, I should cut back, and he'd support me in whatever I wanted to do. It was such a relief to know he hadn't been secretly worried - we never talked about my mom's alcoholism until very late in the game, but we damn well knew, and felt a mix of pity and frustration when we watched her. I think I'd rather die than have my husband look at me that way. Anyway, still trying to find my feet and choose my path. Thanks agai
—Guest Facinguptoit

To: Aussiechic

Hi and thanks for all your messages to me. Sorry I haven't replied earlier, I really hope things go well for you, and you will beat the booze. Take care.
—Guest mary

To: Activenomore

Thank you for the post but it is really you and others like you that got me where I am today. I could never have done this without the people on this site. You are always here and willing to share experiences, this lets the rest of us know we are not alone. thanks
—Guest mary

To: Hope1962 Thanks for your words!

Day 3 and I am feeling so much better! Sorry to have dissapointed my disgusted husband and kids who are old enough to know what happened. The rapidity with which I could approach my worst level of in a short time truly confirms the progressive nature of this disease. A banana and yogurt were helpful and melatonin let me have a decent night of dozing. Ready to walk the dog and work in the garden and return to my PT job tomorrow. As Bill says, why would a person who has been hit by a car jaywalk in heavy traffic and be surprised at the result? Take care, all.
—Guest Grateful E

37 days, pt 2

I began to feel my energy level increase over the weekend, but I caught myself snapping at my husband over little things. I recognized it immediately so I guess that's good. I will have to work at having more patience. I managed to lay by the pool sans beer! I also rediscovered the fine art of "piddling." You know, spending time doing a little of this and a little of that without ever really finishing anything of much importance. Nice way of doing nothing while staying semi-busy. It helps, alot! I did, however, clean out my barn in preparation for possibly starting a project. I also cleaned and rearranged and organized my hobby room. I set up the treadmill in a permanent space but have yet to use it. I am feeling better every day. I went through a spell where I dropped everything, twice, but that has now stopped. My focus is slowly coming back. I am still excited for myself as well as for all of you. It is a good fight. Keep fighting. Big Fish, I am finally present.
—Guest Wholenuworld

To activeNoMore

I wanted to congratulate you. I think it is such an accomplishment, and I hope many people in your life acknowledge it.
—Guest Blackbird

37 days, pt 1

Wow, I still can't believe that I have managed to keep myself sober for this long. I never thought I could do it without checking into a rehab somewhere, but I knew that was not an option for me, so...here I am. And here you all are and I am so glad for that. I come here and read often and it helps to know others struggle, too. I don't post much as I visit by my phone and am not a good texter. I often don't have the time it takes me. Please excuse, but know that I think of you all everyday and wish for good vibes and willpower for everyone. I've had severe symptoms of fatigue. Unlike most of you, I have had no problems with sleeping; just the opposite, can't seem to wake up. No energy at all, very unlike me. I have missed far too many days of work and thank God that my boss isn't nit-picky since I don't feel like I can tell her what's going on. I have really felt that I needed the days to focus on achieving sobriety even if all I did was sleep all day.

To Grannyann

You certainly have never written any thing to me other than the most incredible support. It means alot to me.always. I continue to struggle with the quitting and starting up again. I love your appreciation of good movies and music and everything and please keep writing . I don't know why things get negative. I struggle so hard with the drinking and stopping and daily life that anything positive means so much.
—Guest catlover

Start Living

I have the most incredible life, I don't want for a thing, I have three happy, healthy kids and an amazing husband, who is two years sober. But damn if I repeatedly want to throw it all away! What a powerful addiction alcohol is! I'm inspired by all the posts, I wonder if any of you had trouble with the idea of the perminancy of being sober? I can stop here and there but I'm finding it impossible to imagine life without wine! And I'm amazed that for someone who has it all, so to speak, the self destruction is so constant. I'm hungover today after the perfect day yesterday....for some reason I had to ruin it, but Im determined to get this beast out of my life. I just want to get out of my own way, and start really living again.
—Guest Beesandpeas

Am getting there

I have got back into going to the gym and working out (like i used) and it is really helping me - had forgotten what a workout was like! Did a few workouts when i was hungover, what a bloody mistake, The treadmill felt like Mount Everest.. Am looking into new interests and meeting new people, so over going out and getting drunk and falling back into the boring lifestyle, am not a rockstar! Hope everyone is doing well

To: Gray

12 days is fantastic. Keep adding them up. Aim for 30 by then you will be making much more clear decisions and will see real daily benefits. Love and hope

To: Grateful E

You know the long term benefits after you endure some short term pain. Hang in there and post your progress. Love and hope

To: ActiveNoMore

A year is so inspiring. Yes the site seems slow, keep thinking my browser is not refreshing or something. Maybe the "elves are short staffed" Yes the annual assortment is tough but any day any moment can trip us. I've always been prone to drink out of a sense of entitlement, I did this (whatever) well so I can relax. I like your idea that it is another day, but it is a special day. Love and hope

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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