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Readers Respond: What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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Updated September 22, 2012

Getting my health back

As some of you know I quit because my physical body could not handle what I was drinking anymore. Multiple bladder infections, kidney infections, and just felt horrible everyday. I thought it "might" be because of alcohol but always lied to myself about it. Finally got a infection that was a wake up call. Had a bladder infection and drank alcohol like normal while on the antibiotic cipro that lessened the effect of the antibiotic and it turned to a kidney infection got a different antibiotic and was allergic to the antibiotic felt like I was going to die. Terrified of getting sick again helps keeps me from drinking. I feel way less anxiety and am feeling like my body is healing. Clear minded now and learning how to cope with real life. So thankful for the wake up call!
—Guest Gym Coach

Far left field, vince

Yep. Round-the-clock drinking was part of the picture of what I had become. Now going on 18 months+. Miracles do happen and they can happen for you. I recently read Sober for Good, a pretty well-researched tome on options for beating alcohol. Bottom line: There are LOTS of paths to sobriety. Keep trying! Best to all
—Guest for.real

To: joeyp

If you have any questions call your doctor. For me I had terrible backaches and did urinate a lot. Our kidneys are healing. I was told to watch for bladder infections too. I had a check up to see what damage my body had. I am looking good health wise thank god. Your young take good care of yourself, you have a lot of living to do! Hugs Clue


Many people I talked to suffered headaches when getting sober including me. Mine were so bad it scared me. I tried not to smoke so much, no caffeine, salts or processed foods on the day of my headaches. They did pass quickly but it was very scary. Hang in there your healing. Hugs clue

To: lost self

Hi there. Its Brownhorsewithdot. Name change, long story. I'm glad you are still trying. It REALLY does get better and easier. Stick with it. I'm just glad that you are posting. Peace.

To: Fighting123

Hi there. Ugh, I hear your pain. I have been there. I guess you are done when you are done. I know that is how it was for me. But I had to change everything in my life pretty much. Is there anything else you can try vs just detox, detox, detox? Maybe an outpatient program, AA, maybe in patient? Is there something new you can try? I hope the best for you.

Just gotta do it

Going to see my doctor again tomorrow. Was on Librium for the withdrawals last time and stayed sober for 2 weeks. I'm hoping he has another outlet for me. I need to quit. Started seeing my counselor every week again, been slacking on that. The tingling throughout my body and sweating is horrible. Alcohol is poison, and I need to keep reminding myself of that. To all out there fighting, don't give up the fight, those 2 weeks of sobriety I had were the best in years....HUGS to you all!
—Guest Fighting123

Gotta Go

This is more an annoyance than an outright difficult withdrawal sympton. Im wondering what it is and if others experience(d) as well. After i quit, the night of or all the following day i pee SO much, so often. Im drinking fluids normally, but nothing that would constitute this "volume". It bothers me at work and wakes me up all night. Im in my early 30s. Am i just dispelling toxins i built up from drinking so much?
—Guest Joey P


Reading your posts is giving me strength it's a lonely process.
—Guest girl six


I have terrible headaches now - is part of stopping cold turkey? - somebody please let me know.
—Guest steve


Yes, I wish there was that magic pill to sobriety, but the is not. We all have to fight this demon on our own. Withdrawals suck and feel like death which is why it is so hard for some to overcome this battle, me included. The shakes are horrible, the sweats, the skin crawling, etc. My doc. is working well with me to fight this battle, but I am having a hard time having to admit I cannot drink anymore. I can relate to so many posts on this sites and to some degree it comforts me to know I am not alone in these awful withdrawals. I just always come to that....I can just have one...feeling and think it's ok and I am back to square one. It sucks, but I am getting better day by day. Something's got to give. I don't want to die from the bottle.
—Guest Fighting123

To Far Left Field

You are not alone. That has been my routine for years. Trying to fight the demon off again today. It's an isolating and unproductive life and no way to live.
—Guest Lost self

To Ny Cguy

Thank you for your post, touching, moving, it always makes me be very sad about how alcohol has made our life so painful. But, but, always hope, always changes, always unexpected future we cannot see yet, but it comes in the right time if we want to. Just the beginning you say, but the beginning of a new life you are waiting for. It will happen. You have starting a road to loving yourself again, you are right, first step, I used to hate myself being drunk, now I have respect for myself. Baby steps as you say will lead to big steps. Beleive, it will get better. You are expecting plenty of pains, giving up the poison brings pains, no doubts, but think you are going to be the winner, and that is already a huge different state of mind. Big hugs, you are not alone. Believe in a new life, sobriety will make you happy again.
—Guest Yvan

To: Guest gb

Guest gb, I will be six years sober come December 7th...I'm the happiest sober woman in this world today! I'm convinced of that! But I am here to tell you that like you I suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks in the beginning of my sobriety. What helped? Mostly time. I had to ride it out for the most part. I also suffered from insomnia for the several months and even some today. I am able to stay in bed and pray a lot until sleep comes to me now...when first withdrawing from alcohol I would get up and take a warm bath at all hours of the night and early morning hours. I paced the floors a lot and prayed for relief from the misery. It does get better as time goes by. It's worth the pain as the freedom from the chains of alcohol is so very sweet and wonderful. Hang in there. If you're a praying person...pray a lot! Try to eat healthy...sleep as much as you can...drink lots of water and let the days of sobriety mount up...you can do this. It does get better...trust me

Proud as

10 weeks alc free. Very proud of my self. New goal is 12 weeks. Post soon . All the best to every one :)
—Guest Aceman

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What Were Your Toughest Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and How Did You Cope?

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